Registering for Adult Matric Exams in 2021

Registering for Adult Matric Exams in 2021

Date Published: October 30, 2020

If you were unable to finish your matric year or you didn’t make it that far in your schooling, you have a second chance with Matric College

Matric College offers you the chance to do your Adult Matric no matter how long you’ve been out of high school! 

If you’re looking to register for your Adult Matric in 2021, here is everything you need to know!

The Requirements

Not everybody is able to complete their matric year. Luckily, if you meet all the following requirements, you’ll be able to do your Adult Matric. 

  • Grade 9 Certificate: To apply for your Adult Matric, you need to have completed your grade 9 year and have the certificate to prove it. 
  • You must be over 21:  To write your exams in the Adult Matric programme, you must be over 21 at the time of writing. This means you can enroll at 19 but can only write your exams at the age of 21 or older.

The Documentation You Will Need

Here is a list of all the documentation required when applying for the Adult Matric course:

  • RSA ID Number
  • Surname and First Names
  • Grade 9 Report. If you can’t find it, call us and we can try and help you register. There is no guarantee that you can get in without a grade 9 certificate.
  • The district you live in now
  • Proof of residence (FICA)
  • 2 Colour photos


The fees for your adult matric course will be discussed with you upon registration. 


At Matric College, we want to see all of our students succeed. That’s why we’ve made the registration process super simple with these steps! 

Step 1: Follow this link to the Matric College application page. 

Step 2: Fill in this registration form at the bottom of the page. 

Step 3: You’ll then speak to one of our skilled consultants about the Adult Matric course. You can ask them any questions you need to! 

Step 4: This step requires you to pick which subjects you’re going to do as part of your Adult Matric course. Our friendly staff will help you choose subjects that work for you! This is also where you will choose your payment plan and complete your registration over the phone. 

Step 5: Your application will be processed and you will be contacted within 3 days of registration. 

Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 39 00 27

Author: Andrea Frisby 

Published: October 30, 2020


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