ICB Public Sector Accounting Courses

Would you like a career in accounting but you don’t have matric? No need to stress! Matric College, in partnership with the Skills Academy are now offering ICB Courses to those students without matric. Enrol in our ICB Public Sector Accounting Courses and start the career of your dreams today.

Who is the ICB?

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) teaches you everything business related, from how to manage a business to doing the accounting of your company. These are the practical skills needed in making your business a success.

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ICB Courses

Are the ICB Courses Accredited?

All ICB courses are accredited by QCTO, and are certified by FASSET. This means that they are recognised by the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). When you study at an accredited college, or receive an accredited qualification, you have a better chance at getting a job. Companies choose to employ workers from accredited colleges as they receive a more reputable qualification.

What is the Public Sector?

Public Sector refers to everything owned by the government made available to the public, such as governmental goods and services, government owned business and services.

Duties of a Public Sector Accountant

Public Sector Accountants deals with the management of finances within the public sector. They have many more responsibilities such as some of the duties listed below: 

  • Administer public accounts
  • Financial management
  • Compiling financial statements
  • Financial distribution of resources

What is the ICB Public Sector Accounting Courses all About?

The ICB Public Sector Accounting Courses teaches all you need to know about managing accounts and financial distribution of funds in the public sector. You will be learning valuable knowledge on managing the finances of government and non profit organisations. 

Do I Need Prior Accounting Skills?

No prior skills are needed when applying for this course. However, you need to meet the entry requirements of each course and you should be able to read and write in English to be able to complete tasks.

Career Opportunities with an ICB Public Sector Accounting Course

There are many career opportunities within the public sector as a public sector accountant. Below are just a few listed by the ICB:

  • Financial Accountant
  • Public Accounts Administrator
  • Technical Public Accountant
  • Public Sector Accounting Technician 
  • Public Sector Financial Accountant
  • Registered SAIBA Accounting Officer

Benefits of Studying Public Sector Accounting Courses

Not only is this a fun and lucrative course to study, the benefits of studying with Matric College will be an added bonus to you. These benefits include:

Studying from Home

Not only is this a fun and lucrative course to study, the benefits of studying with Matric College will be an added bonus to you. These benefits include:

Course Material Sent to you

Everything you need, from course material to study notes, will be sent to you. All your study material gets delivered to you on time through our reliable courier services. All you need to get would be notebooks and writing materials such as pens, highlighters, pencils, etc. It’s as easy as that.

Study at Your Pace

No need to adjust your schedule to your studies. As you study from home, you’ll be able to study any time of the day, whether its after work, or early in the morning. Although there is a set length of study for each course, if you finish your course earlier, you do not have to pay for the full duration. So if your course is 6 months long and you finish it in 5 months, you only pay for the 5 months studied.

Online Study Groups

As you will be studying through a distance learning college, you wouldn’t be able to interact with other students. But Matric College has got you covered. Online study groups such as Together We Pass (TWP) are offered to you, to receive help and support from fellow students.

Skilled Tutors

Worried you won’t be able to get the help and guidance when studying from home? Well with Matric College, you have access to top tutors who will help you with the course you are enrolled in. Contact them via Call, Email or WhatsApp during office hours and they will readily be available to you.

Ready to Take on the ICB Public Sector Accounting Courses?

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Last Updated: January 7, 2020