Educare: NATED N4 National Certificate

Course Summary

Award type:
National N Certificate
Accredited by:
12 Months
Entrance Requirement:
Be able to study through distance learning, Be at least 16 years or older, Matric Certificate – National Senior Certificate OR Amended Senior Certificate

The Educare NATED N4 National Certificate is the foundation level of the NATED Educare Programme. It precedes the Educare: NATED N5 National Certificate.

The Educare: NATED N4 National Certificate is offered in conjunction with the Bellview Institute of Distance Learning.

NATED Educare

Educare: NATED N4 National Certificate - Subjects 

These are the subjects that you will study for the Educare: NATED N4 National Certificate:  

  • Day Care Personnel Development N4
  • Educare Didactics: Theory and Practical N4
  • Education N4
  • Child Health N4
How NATED Courses Work

Career Opportunities

Here are some of the career opportunities that you may consider on completion of your Educare: NATED N4 National Certificate: 

  • Educare Practitioner
  • Playgroup Practitioner
  • Daycare Centre Administrator 
  • Assistant Grade R Teacher 
  • Au Pair

What Will I Learn? 

Here is what you will learn at the end of your Educare: NATED N4 National certificate course:

  • How to run a Day Care Centre
  • Train Day Care Centre staff
  • Behavioural tendencies of children
  • How to care for children
  • How to teach children
  • First Aid

Educare: NATED N4 National Certificate - Assessments

The assessments of Educare: NATED N4 National Certificate are in two parts and these are:

  • Assignments
  • Exams  


There are three open-book assignments for each of your subjects. Prepare for these assignments well and submit them in time. The minimum pass mark for your assignments is 40%.


Exams for NATED courses are held twice a year. Exams are held in May / June and October / November. Registration for the May / June exams is in February while registration for the October / November exams is in August.

A National N4 Certificate is a qualification that has theory and practical training as components of the course. It is part of NATED courses designed by the Department of Higher Education And Training (DHET). NATED courses prepare students for the workplace. The NATED N4 National Certificate is the foundation level of NATED Programmes.

NATED Educare N4 – N6 are the three levels of the NATED Educare Programme. These are

Note that the Diploma Qualification, Educare: NATED N6 National Diploma, is the final qualification of the NATED Educare Programme.

The word Educare is a combination of two words, Education and Care. Educare institutions are responsible for educating and caring for children who are between the ages of  0 to 5. When a parent has to work during the day or wants to prepare the child for school, he/she can send the child to an Educare Centre. 

Preparing for school means getting the child familiar with interacting with other children as well as learning how to count, sing, draw and write.

Yes, NATED courses are accredited. Here are the bodies that NATED courses are accreditated with:

South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA)

SAQA is responsible for monitoring and implementing the National Qualification Framework (NQF). All NATED courses are registered with SAQA.

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET)

The DHET is one of the two National Departments that is in charge of education and training. NATED Courses fall under Higher Education and Training. 

Quality Council of Trades and Occupations (QCTO)

The Council is responsible for ensuring that all trade and occupational qualifications meet national and international standards. NATED Courses fall under occupational training.

An Educare teacher is a teacher who teaches and cares for children between the ages of 0 to 5. He / She will have gone through a training course such as the NATED Educare Programme. Training is essential for one, who, parents entrust their children with.

No, you cannot study Educare without Matric. Here is what you need to study Educare: NATED N4 National Certificate:

  • Matric or Adult Matric
  • Be 16 years and older
  • Be able to study by distance learning


Take note that with the Educare NATED Programme, only Matric is acceptable to study the programme. Matric Equivalent Qualifications are not acceptable. Your Matric Certificate can be the National School Certificate (NSC) or the Senior Certificate (Amended).

Be Able To Study By Distance Learning

To study for the NATED Educare programme you must be able to study by distance learning. Distance learning is a form of online learning. Here are the advantages of studying by distance learning:

  • Flexibility
  • Cut transport costs
  • Study anywhere
  • COVID-19 safe
  • Earn and learn at the same time


There is flexibility in studying by distance learning. You plan your own study timetable. By studying through distance learning, you will never miss a class. You can study at your own pace in your own time. 

Cut Transport Costs

With distance learning, there is no need to travel to classes. This way, you get to cut on traveling costs. In addition to cutting costs, you also save on time since there will be no need to travel. The time that you would have spent traveling can be used for studying. 

Study Anywhere

Distance learning allows you to study anywhere you want as you do not have to attend classes. You will, however, need internet access to be online. Remember, you also have your Matric College-issued study notes and textbooks that you can work from. 

Covid-19 Safe

By studying through distance learning,  you reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 as you will be studying at home. If you have a smartphone,  there will be no need to leave your home to visit an internet cafe. You can access relevant study material through your phone.

Earn And Learn At The Same Time

With distance learning, you can earn and learn at the same time. You can work full or part-time while studying. It will be to your advantage if you work at an Educare-related institution as you may as well fulfil the practical component of the NATED Educare Programme at the same time. The added benefit of this option is that you can pay for your studies this way.

Educare Didactics teaches you the art of creating an environment that is conducive for children to play and learn. This subject will also teach you which toys and equipment you need to help with their learning experience.

The first step is to contact one of our course experts today and study the Educare: NATED N4 National Certificate. As soon as you complete this course, you can go on to study the Educare: NATED N5 National Certificate, Educare: NATED N6 National Certificate, and finally the Educare: NATED N6 National Diploma.

Your Next Step Is To Get Your Educare: NATED N5 National Certificate

Now that you have completed your Educare: NATED N4 National Certificate, it is now time to proceed to the NATED N5 National Certificate. This is the intermediate level of the Educare NATED Programme.

Why Choose To Study At Matric College?

Here is why you should study at Matric College:

  • You do not have to attend classes 
  • We can assist you with your study timetable
  • Study at the pace that suits you best 
  • You can work and learn at the same time 
  • There are tutors available to assist you 
  • A Facebook study group will assist you with your learning 
  • We provide you with textbooks and study notes

Each of the programmes is divided into three levels and you are certified if you complete each one of the levels. If you intend to study the full course to gain your Diploma, you should complete 18 months of practical work. Here are the course levels of NATED Qualifications:

  • National N4 Certificate 
  • National N5 Certificate
  • National N6 Certificate
  • National N6 Diploma 

Note that you do not have to complete 6 months of work experience to receive your N4, N5 or N6 Certificates. However, if you do, it will make it easier for you if you want to continue to the full N6 National Diploma, which requires 18 months of practical work experience.

NATED Educare is the Educare course that you complete through studying the NATED Programme. Bear in mind that the NATED Programme is nationally recognised and is also known as National Qualification.

There are no specific subjects that are required to study the Educare: NATED N4 National Certificate. You only need to have Matric. A Matric Equivalent Qualification is not acceptable.

Your Educare Qualification and credits will be acknowledged and can be used to further your education and achieve a higher qualification.

According to, salaries for the Educare sector range from an average of R29 412 to R152 800 per year. Preschool teachers are the highest paid with an average of about R79 000, with a Day Care Teacher being the lowest with an average salary of R28 000 per year.

Here are the annual salaries for professions in the Educare sector:

Pre-school TeacherR79 373
Day Care TeacherR28 017
Early Childhood Educator (ECE)R65 098
Au PairR156 000
BabysitterR49.34 per hour
NannyR57 264
Administrative AssistantR62 493
Office AdministratorR97 000

An Educare qualification is a non-school teaching qualification. It can only be used for teaching and caring for children at Day Care Centres.

You will study the Educare NATED Programme for a duration of between 18 -36 months. Remember, practical training can be done at the same that you are studying the theory. This can shorten the duration by half.  Here is the breakdown of the duration:

Educare; N4 National Certificate6 months
Educare; N5 National Certificate6 months
Educare; N6 National Certificate6 months
Practical Work Experience18 months
TOTAL36 months

The NATED Educare Certificates and the Diploma do not expire. They are valid for as long as you live

Application Process

To register with Matric College contact one of our course experts. They will inform you about all you need to know about the Educare: NATED Programme. They will also advise you on how to go about your studies and payment options.

How Do I Study Educare: NATED N4 National Certificate

Here is the process upon successful registration with Matric College;

  1. Within 5 -7 days you will receive your course material by courier
  2. Attempt your first assignment and more thereafter
  3. Submit your assignment
  4. Get help from your tutor in the areas that you are struggling with
  5. Study for your exams
  6. Pass your exams 
  7. Get certified by the Department of Higher Education and Training

Where Can I Study Educare: NATED N4 National Certificate?

You can study your Educare: NATED N4 National Certificate with Matric College.

When Can I Start Studying Educare: NATED N4 National Certificate?

You can start studying the Educare: NATED N4 National Certificate today. Fill in the form below now.

Matric College Educare: NATED N4 National Certificate Facebook Group

Join our Educare: NATED N4 National Certificate Facebook Group. Here you will interact with tutors and fellow students. The study group will go a long way in helping you with the areas that you may be struggling with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the credits for the Educare Courses:

Educare: N4 National Certificate60
Educare: N5 National Certificate60
Educare: N6 National Certificate60
Educare: N6 National Diploma180

The NATED N4 Educare National Certificate, NATED N5 Educare National Certificate, and   NATED N6 Educare National Certificate are at NQF Level 5.

No, Educare is not the same as ECD. General child daycare courses or Educare courses provide students with the necessary skills to “teach” children in a less formal setting. These settings include child daycare centres or créches. 

Students that have studied Educare courses can become assistants to Grade R Teachers but cannot teach Grade R learners.

No, you cannot apply with an N4 National Certificate at a University. You will have to complete the full Diploma course to be able to apply to a University.

A Matric is at NQF level 4. You can go to University. You will however have passed with a Diploma or Bachelors Pass Level. Here are the Matric pass levels:

An Educare Au Pair is an Au Pair who would have done their studies under the Educare course.

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Editor: Amy Venter
Date Published: February 23, 2022

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