NSFAS Funded Students Can Now Order Laptops Online

NSFAS Funded Students Can Now Order Laptops Online

On the 13th of April 2021, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme announced that they are expecting their first batch of laptops on the 18th of April. 

These digital devices are specifically for NSFAS funded students that are attending TVET Colleges or public Universities. 

What You Need To Know

Here is everything you need to know about the NSFAS laptops: 

  • The Digital Learning Device Online Order: Recently, NSFAS developed this initiative whereby students funded by the group would be able to order laptops from their website. 
  • Ordering: All NSFAS funded students who need a laptop can order theirs at www.nsfas.org.za. Once here, students must click my NSFAS, followed by Online Order. Here students will be required to place and complete their order after agreeing to all the terms and conditions. 
  • Required documents: When applying, NSFAS students are required to provide 1.) SA ID, 2.) student number and contact details 3.) the institution that they are registered at 4.) their home address and their campus name. 
  • Non-NSFAS Students: For any students who require a laptop and are not funded by NSFAS, may still be able to get a device. These students are required to consult their various institutions as it will be the institutions’ responsibility to pay for the device.
  • Updates will be communicated: Any updates regarding eligible colleges will be communicated in the coming weeks. 

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Author: Andrea Frisby

Published: April 19, 2021


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