What If I failed Matric Subjects in 2017?

If you failed the recent matric examinations, you don’t need to distress there is still options that you can pursue. There are three options. Firstly, you can have your exams rechecked, where they will check to see if your exam marks were added up correctly. This costs R18 per paper. Secondly, you can have your exams remarked completely, where they will check every answer to see what you got right and wrong. This costs R80 per paper. Thirdly you can apply to rewrite certain exams, this is when you did not do well in certain matric exams and you can rewrite the exams during February and March. The application to rewrite your exams expires in January so the decision needs to be made soon.  If you want to know more about your options you can find that out here.


Matric Rewrite Exam Timetable

If you want to know how the supplementary exams work and what the schedule of exams are and when you are writing each specific certificate that can be found here.

Did not get the Matric Results you wanted? No need to panic, you still have numerous alternatives to study. There are plenty of courses available that are perfectly suited for you and can be done on a part time basis.

Bachelors Pass

If you managed to get a Bachelors Pass, there is a chance that your University application may still get turned down. Some of our universities have up to ten times more candidates than readily available seats for first-year students. So your Bachelors Pass does not guarantee you a spot at a university.

Every tertiary institution sets its own entry requirements thus the requirements for various fields of study will differ. For example, the entrance criteria to end up being a medical doctor would be very different from the entrance criteria to become a legal practitioner.

Did you get a rejection letter from the tertiary institution where you applied? Did you apply too late?

You have to begin examining the alternatives. Consider a different course and there are several ways in which you can do so.

Do you have no Matric, but interested in part time courses in a field you wish to study? Interested in a business courses?

Then you have many more alternatives than a B.Comm. degree. Studying towards CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) or ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) or an ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) certification can also get you started on a business career. The year is not lost, you can still apply at a different tertiary  institution.

Diploma Pass

A Diploma Pass means that you can apply to study a Diploma course. You can study at a TVET or FET College or do a Diploma course at a University or University of Technology.

Have you applied and not gained entry? Don’t quit. There are lots of private training organisations offering Diploma studies. You may really well still get entry to one of these institutions if you apply as quickly as you have your results.

Certificate Pass

With your Certificate Pass you can study at a TVET or FET College. You can study at an trade school; for instance a Beauty School, Chef School or IT College. Studies in a career-related course will assist you a lot when it comes to finding an employment. The Certificate courses are frequently targeted at teaching you the best ways to work in a specific profession. When your training includes practical work, that makes you job-ready.


If you think your exam script was marked unjustly and think you could get a higher mark if it was re-marked, then apply to have one or more of your exam scripts re-marked.

You can apply to have it re-checked if you think not all the questions were marked. That suggests a check that all your questions have been marked. As well as a check that the marks have actually been counted correctly.

Keep in mind the due date and the cost. If you want to apply for one of these choices, then you need to apply immediately as soon as you have your results. Applications for re-marking usually closes within the space of  2 weeks.

Failed a couple of subjects? You can apply for supplementary exams. You can apply to sit for an extra exam if you failed no more than 2 subjects. If you were sick during the November exams you can also apply for the supplementary exams, however you will need a letter from your doctor. If you did not meet the entry requirements for that university course you really wanted to do, you may also apply for a supplementary exam.

Students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible for these exams as the deadline for applications are usually two weeks after the matric results are released. The supplementary exams are written during February and March and students can expect their results by the end of April.

Re-do your Matric

If you did not apply for any additional exams, you also have the option to re-do matric. This is not a simple option. Your school needs to get room for you, and accept you back plus your school will have the new matric class that they must make sure to register for the national examinations.

If you understand why you did not get the results you wanted to, and you know that another year at school will make a real impact, then call your school and apply for another year.

Private Education

In South Africa we have many quality private education institutions both for Higher Education, along with College level (FET or TVET Colleges). They are often not as costly as a full-time university. You will be able to get regional as well as global certifications.

Since they spend a great effort to attract business, in some cases the service you get in private education is much better. Private education providers definitely do not really want to lose you.

Part-Time Studies

For the undergraduate who has to work and study at the exact same time, private distance learning is a great option, distance learning institutions often have part time courses that don’t require matric. It also a great alternative for undergraduates who can not get a seat in a full-time university. If you can not enter the tertiary institution you dreamed of, you are still able to study a career related course in 2017. No need give up on your dreams.

Costs and fees

You have to ensure you understand ALL the expenses when you sign up. : Universities will charge you study costs, as well as offer you a list of books you must buy. The textbooks are not calculated as part your study fees. When you go to University, you will require money for transport, accommodation, food and books. These things will not be included in your University fees.

With private distance learning, normally all your expenses are included. You still require to take obligation for understanding all the expenses. If the course they offer has an external exam, or if it is connected to a professional institute, there can be extra institute fees and examination costs.

Even though matric is an entry to additional studies. It does not prepare you for any job or profession. You can do career-orientated studies without matric. Below are listed some courses that do not need Matric.

At Skills Academy, there are a few of the career directions where you can start your studies without matric:

Bookkeepers and Accountants
Office Administrators and Office Managers
Business Management
Public Sector Accounting
Forensic Investigations

Management Accounting

Management courses

Occupational Health and Safety

You can also study with TWP Academy (A Partner of Skills Academy)

TWP Academy offers the following courses you can start without matric:

Scarce Skills

Scarce Skills are skills that have been determined as remaining in high demand.

The type of careers where South Africa have a shortage of knowledgeable people are: Trainee Accountant, Debt Collector, Finance Manager, Management Consultant, Office Administrator, General Accountant, General Clerk, Accounts Clerk and Payroll Clerk.

These positions have actually been determined by FASSET (the SETA for Finance, Accounting, Management Consulting and other Financial Services), in their Scarce Skills Guide 2015.

What Certifications can you study towards a Scarce Skill?

You can start an ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) qualification at below-matric level. This implies that entrance to the course is easy. The ICB uses a variety of Bookkeeping, Accounting, Office Administration, Business organization Studies and Entrepreneurship qualifications.

These certifications are certified by FASSET and in South Africa you will find that the majority of employers know and acknowledge the ICB.

The ICB courses are provided by home study colleges and academies. This makes it available to full-time first-year students, as well as to working adults who need to study while they have a full-time employment during the day.

Office Administration-A Scarce Skill

In the FASSET list of scarce skills professions, you will likewise get Office Administrator and General Clerk. The days when “secretary” was a low-level, low paying profession, is over.

Today we call these individuals Office Administrators, they are frequently the heart that keeps the organisation going. These are the people that ensure the organisational operations operate effectively day after day.

They are accountable for a wide variety of jobs, from things as basic as doing administrative jobs (filing, typing, standard research), to intricate duties such as heading up Operational Departments in larger companies.

An Office Administration qualification from the ICB offers you a well-rounded background in all the general management areas of a company. It can set you on the path to management with occupations like Administrative Manager, Office Manager or even Public Relations Manager. 

Ways to get qualified

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) certifications offer a course for any person. You can start at NQF3 level if you don’t have matric (like the majority of South Africans). The highest qualification you can accomplish is NQF level 6. That is a qualification two levels higher than matric.

Two of the top qualifications are:

  1. National Diploma: Financial Accounting
  2. National Diploma: Office Administration

There is a way for undergraduates who never complete matric, to get recognized and certified qualifications at NQF6 or National Diploma level.

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Last Updated: April 4, 2019