New CAPS Subjects: Civil Technology

New CAPS Subjects: Civil Technology

Date Published: December 21, 2020

The Minister of Education has announced the addition of 13 new subjects in the CAPS curriculum. 

Here is everything you need to know about the new subject, Civil Technology:

  • The Benefits 
  • What is Civil Technology? 
  • Topics That Will Be Covered
  • Aims
  • Time Allocation 
  • Content Overview

The Benefits

The new addition of 13 new trade-based subjects to the high school curriculum will help any students who leave school without finishing their matric certificate.

In this case, Civil Technology will give students the ability to pursue a career within this field whether they choose to leave school early, or decide to further their education in this career path. 

What is Civil Technology?

The new CAPS subject Civil Technology will teach students the importance of the built environment and technical processes. This will include the practical skills involved in civil technology as well as all necessary scientific principles.

Students will learn how civil technology enhances ways and quality of life whilst also exploring sustainability.

Topics That Will Be Covered

These are the main topics that will be covered in Civil Technology:

  • Civil services: This includes aspects of plumbing, cold and hot water supply and sewage system installations. It also focuses on the right materials to use when providing water, environmentally friendly technology and methods. 
  • Construction: This topic focuses on concrete, bricks and the built environment. It also explores the use of environmentally friendly technology and materials. 
  • Woodworking: This topic focuses on structures such as roofs, floors, stairs, etc.


Civil Technology aims to:

  • Educate students about safe working practices
  • Explore good housekeeping skills
  • Practise first aid practices
  • Develop an interpretation of working drawings
  • Explore the reaction of structures
  • Work with accurate measurements
  • Help students through workshop practice

Time Allocation

The time allocation required for civil technology is 2 hours per 5-day academic cycle. 1.5 hours of this allocation must be dedicated to the practical aspects of the subject.

Content Overview

Here is the content overview of Civil Technology. 

Author: Andrea Frisby 

Published: December 21, 2020


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