NATED: Business Management

Our NATED Business Management Courses allow students to gain both practical & theoretical skills. Start with our N4 Certificate and end off with an N6 Diploma.

NATED Business Management are courses that were specifically designed by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) to promote employment. Here are the NATED Business Management Courses that are offered by Matric College:

  1. Business Management: NATED N4 National Certificate
  2. Business Management: NATED N5 National Certificate 
  3. Business Management: NATED N6 National Certificate
  4. Business Management: NATED  N6 National Diploma

Research has been done by the DHET, and they have found that most graduates are not employed because they do not have work experience. Therefore, all NATED Courses are both practical and theoretical, giving students the opportunity to get employed easily.

How Long Does A NATED Course Take?

A NATED Course can take between 6 and 12 months to complete. This depends on how you choose to complete the course. Your options are indicated in the table below:

Only TheoryFirst Theory Then Work ExperienceTheory And Work Experience Together
This is if you only complete the theoretical component of the course.This is if you complete the theoretical component first and then the work experience.This is when you are completing your theoretical component alongside your work experience.
This can take a total of 6 months.This can take a total of 12 months.This can take a total of 6 months.
*Note: The above-mentioned time frames are examples for one NATED Course only.  If you choose to complete two courses it will be double the amount and for three courses it will be triple the amount.

Who Qualifies For NATED?

You qualify for any of our NATED Courses if you meet these entry requirements:

If you do not have a Matric Qualification, then you can apply for any of these (2) two courses:

  1. Adult Matric
  2. Matric Upgrade

What APS Score Is Needed For Business Management?

There is no APS Score required for any of our NATED Business Management Courses. You can apply with any of the following Matric Pass Levels:


The only time you will require a Bachelor’s Degree Pass Level is when you apply to a university for a Degree Course.

How Many Credits Does N6 Have?

This depends on the type of N6 Qualification you have. Here are the (2) two Qualifications you can achieve:

  1. N6 National Certificate
    • This Certificate has 60 credits
  2. N6 National Diploma
    • This Diploma has 360 credits

What NQF Level Is N6?

This depends on the type of N6 Qualification you have. Here are the (2) two Qualifications with the NQF Levels:

  1. N6 National Certificate
    • This qualification is at NQF Level 5
  2. N6 National Diploma
    • This qualification is at NQF Level 6

What Does NATED Mean?

NATED stands for National Accredited Technical Diploma. These courses were designed to provide students with both practical and theoretical knowledge. After completing these courses, you can:

  • Find employment easily
  • Earn a decent salary

What Is N6 National Certificate In Business Management?

This is the last theoretical course in the NATED Business Management Programme. After completing this course, you need to complete your 18 months of work experience to get your N6 National Diploma from the Department of Higher Education and Training. Here is an image that explains this process:

NATED N6 National Diploma Log Book

Do You Graduate After The N6 National Diploma?

Yes, you do graduate after completing the N6 National Diploma. This is the last step to starting a career in the field of business or opening your own business. You can also apply for employment after you have completed your N4, N5 or N6 National Certificates.

The graduation process at Matric College will be done online. We have online ceremonies that are done on a regular basis. We congratulate students and send their qualifications through courier delivery.

What Can I Do With My N6 Business Management Certificate?

Here is what you can do with your N6 Business Management Certificate:

  • Find entry-level employment
    • Here are the positions you can apply for with the average salary per month:
      • Team Leader – R 12 273 
      • Retail Store Manager – R 13 621
      • Supervisor – R 11 381
  • Complete your 18 months of work experience

Once you have completed your work experience, you will get your Business Management: NATED N6 National Diploma

Can I Apply At University With N6?

No, you cannot apply to a university with an N6 National Certificate or N6 National Diploma. Each university has its own requirements and will have a closer look at your:

If you need to improve your Matric, you can apply for our Matric Upgrade Course.

What Is The Difference Between NATED And NC (V) Levels?

Here are the main differences between NATED and Levels:

NATEDNC (V) Levels
You can complete NATED Courses after you have finished your Matric.You can start an NC (V) Level if you have a Grade 9 Certificate.
These courses focus on both theoretical and practical training.These courses focus on giving students specific skills for the workplace as well as ‘Matric” related subjects.
After completing an entire programme, you will receive an NQF Level 6 Qualification.After completing an entire programme, you will receive an NQF Level 4 Qualification.

Which Is Better Between NATED And NCV?

Both courses can be beneficial to students. If you already have a Matric Certificate, you should complete a NATED Course. If you only have a Grade 9 Certificate and wish to complete your Matric but also want to complete a course that will give you specific skills, then you should apply for an NC (V) Course.

What Is The Difference Between National N Diploma And National Diploma?

Here are the main differences between these (2) two qualifications:

National N DiplomaNational Diploma
This Qualification was designed by the DHET.This qualification can be designed by a college or university.
You have to complete the previous courses (N4, N5, and N6 National Certificates) to gain entry to the Diploma.You can start with a National Diploma without having to complete previous courses.
This qualification has a practical and theoretical component.This qualification only has a theoretical component.
You can further your studies with another NATED Qualification.You can further your studies with a Degree Course at a university.

Can I Do NATED Courses Without Matric?

No, you cannot do NATED Courses without Matric. However, you can apply for a NATED Course with any Matric Pass Level. If you do not have a Matric Certificate, we will help you get your Matric by offering these (2) two Matric Courses at our college:

  1. Adult Matric
    • Apply with a Grade 9 Certificate or ABET Level 4
    • Be 21 or older to apply. You can register with us at the age of 19, but you must be 21 when you write the final exam.
    • Study in English or Afrikaans
    • Study through distance learning
  2. Matric Upgrade
    • Apply with your failed or incomplete Matric Certificate
    • Understand, read and write English
    • Study through distance learning

Why Should I Study Business Management Through Matric College?

You should study Business Management through Matric College because we offer the following things to our students:

  • Study material. Our study material is included in your course fee. This means that you will get your textbooks, study guides and assessment materials from us.
  • We are a COVID-19 friendly college. You will not be physically in contact with students or lecturers.
  • You will get assisted in your preferred language. Our Course Experts combine speak more than 11 languages. This means that you might get the chance to speak to someone in your Home Language.
  • You can work and study. This means that you can study full-time and work full-time, the only time you need to take off from work is when you write the exams. 
  • The quality of education is good, and it is affordable. Our courses are accredited and recognised by employers. Our courses are also affordable, and you can make payments that suit your pocket and our pocket.
  • Registration is open all year round. You can register for any of our courses whenever you are ready, which allows you to save money for your education. You will also make a well-informed decision about your education without feeling rushed by a deadline.
  • We offer tutor assistance. If you are struggling with any of your course material, you can contact our tutors, and they will assist you. 
  • We offer courses you can study with or without Matric. If you have Matric, you can study our NATED Business Management Courses. If you do not have Matric, you can study our ICB Business Management Courses with a Grade 11 Certificate.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to further their studies, regardless of their educational background. Study at Matric College today!

Author: Jesmé Africa
Editor: Amy Venter
Date Published: May 25, 2022