Most Popular Study Choices in 2021

Most Popular Study Choices in 2021

Most Popular Study Choices in 2021
  • The most popular study choices in 2021 were medicine, science and education. Whilst many students applied, universities can only accommodate a certain number of students. 
  • UCT’s first-time applicants rose by 42% this year. 
  • Some degree courses, such as medicine, have quota systems that need to be met by universities when considering student applications. 

 South African Universities have released the most popular study choices that students picked in 2021. The three most popular choices this year were medicine, education and science. 

Here is everything you need to know about the popular study choices of 2021.

The University of KwaZulu-Natal

At UKZN the most popular degree of choice was education. With a Bachelor of Education being the top studying choice UKZN received 33 000 applications for this degree course.

They can, however, only accept 1 440 students for the Bachelor of Education Degree. 

Whilst the university can only accommodate 10 000 first-year students more than 112 500 students applied. 

The second most popular study choice was Medicine. 7910 students applied to study medicine at UKZN. However, only 250 students can be accommodated in the faculty of medicine in first year. 

For UKZN, law was the third most popular degree of choice. Despite a large number of applicants, UKZN can only accommodate 430 first-year students.

Other Universities

Stellenbosch University recorded their highest number of applicants in :

  • Medicine (4 700)
  • Life Science (3 800) 
  • Law (2 800) 

Stellenbosch can only accommodate 290 for medicine, 240 for life science and 120 for law. Stellenbosch University starts classes on the 15th of March. 

WITS university received 18 366 applications for a Bachelor Degree in Science degree. WITS also had 13 549 applications for medicine and 10 699 applications for law. 

First-time students applying at UCT have risen by 42% in 2021. This year UCT had a total of 44 600 first-time student applications.

Medicine and the Quota System

For medicine, there is a quota system for all first-year applicants. The quota system accepts: 

  • 69% African students 
  • 19% Indian students 
  • 9% Coloured students 
  • 2% White students 
  • 1% other 

These students must also meet these requirements in order to apply: 

  • An average of 65% 
  • All subjects (including maths, physical science, life science and English) must be a level 5 pass.
  • Pass Level 4 for Life Orientation

Author: Andrea Frisby 

Published: March 19, 2021


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