Find the 2018 matric results right HERE when it gets released.


The year of 2016 is over and for many people that means that there matric results are almost out and the wait is over. Your results will start becoming available from Thursday the 5th of December at 6:00 am.

Now that you know when you can check your matric results the only other major question is how. There are a few ways that you can check your matric results, namely:

  1. The department of education website will have your matric results all you need is your exam number and personal details. This website will have all your results on it. Right Here.
  2. On the News24 website, however this will not be the full results just wether you passed and with what level you passed. Available Here.
  3. Newspapers, all major newspaper brands will have your results inside but this method like the others you need to know your examination number.
  4. Schools will have results of their students available at them on Thursday the 5th of January at 8:00 am. With the exception of the Western Cape which will have its results on Friday the 6th of January.
  5. You can also register to have your matric results sent to your phone by sending your ID number followed by your examination number to 35658.

Once you have received your matric results it is important that you find a place where you can study that has courses that suite you. There are several colleges with a wide range and excellent support structures that you can see here.

Last Updated: January 3rd 2016