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Marketing Management - What Does it Involve?

Marketing Management combines business skills with creativity to create interest in goods and services. The tasks involved depend on factors such as the size of a company, the industry and the type of product or service. Some of the most common activities include:  

  • Carrying out market research to find target markets.
  • Keeping an eye on trends in the industry.
  • Planning campaigns in line with the company policy.

What Does a Marketing Manager do?

A marketing manager is someone who oversees the marketing of a business or product. The role of a marketing manager can differ, depending on the company or industry. However, most share some common duties. These include: 

  • Coming up with new ways to promote a new product or service 
  • Hiring and training new marketing staff 
  • Working with colleagues outside the marketing team, for example, finance department regarding budgets. 
  • Reviewing advertising material

What Skills do I Need?

Marketing management is an exciting and rewarding career, but you need to have a combination of skills to do well in this field. Here are a few key traits to have.


You will need to come up with fresh, new and exciting ways of branding your product or service, and use those ideas to grab the attention of your target audience.


Both verbal and written communication skills are important in any form of marketing. You need to know how to appeal to people and convey an idea, story or feeling most effectively.

People Skills

Marketing is all about engaging people. So, good people skills are needed to do the job well. It’s especially important when working on projects with other departments.


As a marketing manager, you should encourage others to think outside of the box. You can do this by inspiring and creating interest in new ideas. 

Logical Thinking Skills

A big part of your job involves using marketing research data to develop strategies. Therefore, you should be comfortable with numbers, graphs and charts.


As a marketing manager, you will have to choose strategies to promote your company’s product or service. This includes using key thinking skills to select the best option.

Benefits of Studying Marketing Management Courses

Wondering why you should study Marketing Management Courses? Marketing is considered to be one of the broadest career fields. Take a look at the list of benefits below.

It’s a Diverse Career Choice

Marketing offers a wide range of career options for different personality types. If you enjoy working with people, you could work in sales, retail, brand management or fundraising. If you are more of the logical type, you might enjoy a career in market research or advertising.

You Will be in Demand

Every business needs to market its products or services. At some point, they will need help with areas such as product development, advertising or finding their target market. By studying marketing courses, you will learn valuable skills that can be applied in any industry.

Improved Communication Skills

Most areas of marketing need strong communication skills, which can be developed by studying marketing courses. You will learn how to get brand and company messages across to different audiences and how to promote, sell and make the right impression.

Good Earning Potential

Depending on the company, job position and your experience, if you are qualified in this field, you can earn a decent salary. There is also potential for growth. You can choose to start your own business or climb the corporate ladder.

What Does NATED Mean?

National Accredited Technical Education Diploma (NATED) courses have been designed by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET). NATED courses consist of both practical and theory work. They are also registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

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Last Updated: January 7, 2020