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Do you admire the great make-up looks that the celebrities wear on the red carpet? You always wondered how you make being a make-up artist your career? Do any of our Make-up Courses and make your dreams come true.

What does a Make-up Artist do?

A Make-up artist’s main job is to enhance the features of their clients using different techniques and beauty tools. Tools like make-up brushes and sponges. Using those tools to create great make-up looks for different events. Events like weddings, TV, film or runway. Even the lady at the beauty counter is a qualified make-up artist having studied a make-up course.

Duties of a Make-up Artist

A black model adoring her face with layers of make up, her manicured hands cupping her face. Her lips are a dark shade of red and the eyes are layered in a shade of blue mascara.

There are various duties and responsibilities you will have as a make-up artist. With a make-up course, you will learn all the duties and know exactly what is expected of you.

Here are the duties of a make-up artist:

  • Apply make-up to clients
  • Clean and sanitise make-up tools after use
  • Removing make-up after the event (only for TV, film and theatre)
  • Consult with clients on the client’s needs and them for the event
  • Considering lighting when doing make-up
  • Consult with a stylist and/or hairdresser
  • Match skin colour to colour palettes
  • Advise clients on best practice for skincare and make-up
  • Do touch-up as needed

As a Make-up artist, you get to explore your creativity and do something you love. On top of that, you get to make others feel good about themselves. That could be your career when you complete your Make-up Course.

Skills Required to Study a Make-up Course

As a make-up artist, there are various skills that you would need. If you possess these skills you could make a success if becoming a professional make-up artist. 

The main skills needed are:

    • Creativity – to create complex and inspiring make-up looks. This is a skill that will set you apart from other Make-up artists and help you keep up with trends.
    • Good communication and interpersonal skills – communication and interpersonal skills is a vital skill to understand what is it that your clients want. Good interpersonal skills will improve your clients experience and satisfaction.
    • Flexibility – In the make-up industry you will do make-up for events. These events will all have different themes and require you to adapt and be flexible. Make-up is always changing and your clients requests will change with what is trending at the time.
    • Knowledge about make-up products and techniques – The make-up industry is a fast-growing industry and new products and tools get released regularly. To be a great make-up artist you need to know the products and what techniques to use with those products.

These skills will help you greatly when entering the make-up industry but, you need to practice your technique. There is no better way to practice your technique while doing a distance learning Make-up Course. Spending no time in a classroom more time on your technique.

Make-up Artist Salary

Being a make-up artist is rewarding financially. The average monthly salary is R6 782 but make-up artists receive a bonus and commission. A bonus of R8 000 and commissions of R32 000 what make-up artists pay according to Payscale.

Requirements to Start Studying a Make-up Course

To study any of our Make-up Courses you don’t need a matric certificate. You can apply if you have a grade 10 certificate and are at least 16 years of age. All Make-up Courses are provided in English and you need to be able to read, write and understand English.

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Last Updated: 25 February, 2020