Organising is something you do before you do something, so when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” This is exactly why we at have done the job of organising a list of colleges in South Africa.

All in one place, to make it nice and easy to go through the process of picking the best college for you.

You’re welcome..

List of Colleges in South Africa List Of Colleges In South Africa

Public TVET Colleges

TVET colleges are good options to consider when it comes to your education.

They cost less than the average University, and courses take less time to complete than degree courses offered at Uni’s.

Does this mean it is of less quality?

No, not at all. The higher certificates and Diplomas offered at TVET colleges focus more on the practical side of things.

This is the way it is set up:

For a National Diploma for example:

  • You do about 18 months of theory.
  • And 18 months of practical experience – gained through internships.    
  • At the end of your practical experience, you will then apply to the DHET for your National Diploma 

To make this easier to read, we have split them up according to the Province that each College is located in.

Western Cape

Eastern Cape



KwaZulu Natal


Free State

Northern Cape

North West



Written By: Robin Louw

Last Updated: May 09 2018