IEB Life Science- Past Papers, Memos & Study Material

IEB Life Science- Past Papers, Memos & Study Material

Date Published: October 9, 2020

Life Science, or biology, is an information-packed subject, especially in matric. It takes a lot of studying and diligence to get right! But with enough of a push, you can get your distinction!

Matric College has put together this all-encompassing cheat sheet to help you breeze through your IEB Life Science exam! 

Past Papers

Practise is the best way to ace any subject. By practising, you learn to familiarise yourself with the subject matter and potential examination questions! The best way to do this is by going through and doing, past papers. 

Life science takes a lot of work. You have to make sure that you know your theory thoroughly in order to successfully take the exam. Doing these past papers will highlight the areas that you need to work on and those in which you’re already proficient. 

Here are all the IEB Life Science examination papers from 2017-2019. Use them well! 

Marking Guidelines

Another great way to ace a subject is to know how to answer the questions. If you learn how markers are going to mark your paper, you won’t waste your precious exam time over-writing your answers. 

These marking guidelines for Life Sciences will also help you have a clearer idea on which information is more important! Learning how to write your exams is just as important as knowing what to write. 

Here are the IEB marking guidelines for Life Science for the above mentioned past papers.

Tips and tricks to pass Life Science

Life Science is all about memorising and understanding. Here are a few tips on how to really sail through your Life Science exam:

  • Set aside time to study: Life Sciences takes a lot of time to understand. Set aside a good deal of time to make sure that you get all the work done. The only way to fit in all the theory is to set aside time to study. You won’t regret it!
  • Don’t just parrot learn, understand it: Parrot learning your theory is great for short-questions. However, most questions in Life Science require application. If you don’t truly understand the work, you won’t be able to answer the more intense                           questions. Draw pictures of the theory to better understand the work. That way, you can see it instead of just think it! 
  • Know your diagrams: One rather large part of the Life Sceince syllabus is the diagrams! You’ll have to label and draw diagrams from your learning areas so you have to make sure you know them well! 
  • Past papers: Practise your work with past papers. This way you’ll get used to answering theory-based questions in different ways!
  • Ask questions: Always ask questions in class to ensure you know all the theory in exams. Unanswered questions can leave your frazzled and unable to understand entire learning areas! Teachers are there to answer questions.
  • Teach a friend: By teaching your friends, you’re learning what you don’t fully understand too. Its one thing to know your theory in your head, but when you explain it you notice the gaps!

Author: Andrea Frisby 

Published: December 1, 2020


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