IEB Business Studies – Past Papers, Memos and Study Material

IEB Business Studies - Past Papers, Memos and Study Material

Date Published: October 15, 2020

Business Studies is a great subject for future entrepreneurs or any student who wants to grow a business and help maintain its success. 

Business Studies mostly comes down to memorising your work. Most of the paper may also be application-based and will require you to apply the facts and information that you have learnt. Whilst the short questions will require you to know your definitions and have straight factual answers. 

Matric College has put together this cheat sheet to help you pass your IEB Business Studies Exam.

Past Papers

Past papers are a great way to test your skills, both factual and application. By working through past papers, you’re also likely to realise which part of the theory that you need to work on. 

Application questions are easiest when you’re not taken off guard by the case study. Achieve this by constantly practising new case studies that appear in past papers! It’s a great way to get the application practise that you need.

Here are the IEB Business Studies past papers from 2015-2019

Marking Guidelines

Marking guidelines are the best way to learn how to write your exam. Not only is it important for this subject to study the theory, but also to know HOW to answer the questions. If you know what is expected of you in your answers, you’re more likely to get the marks in the exam.

Work through past papers and check them against marking guidelines to train yourself how to answer questions! 

Here are all the IEB Marking Guidelines from 2015-2019

Tips and tricks for passing Business Studies

Sometimes you just need a few extra pointers when it comes to your business studies exam. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you pass and pass well:

  • Memorise the facts: A great deal of your business paper is about parrot learning and writing out what’s in the book. Make sure that you’ve memorised your work well to be able to answer all the definitions and such in the short questions. 
  • Practise the application: Make sure that you do enough case studies before the exam to get used to the application questions. It’s a great way to train yourself on how to approach these questions, no matter the case study. 
  • Have a study group: Study groups are a great way for you to learn new study tips from your classmates. It’s also a great opportunity for you to teach your friends what you know. Often, explaining the work to others will help you realise what sections you’re good at, and which ones need work. 
  • Participate in class: Participate in class so that you’re able to retain as much knowledge as possible for the exam. By forcing yourself to actively participate, you’re forcing yourself to focus on the work and the information being contributed by all the other students. 
  • Do a little bit every day: Because business studies is so theoretically dense, doing a bit of work every day can help you in memorising all the work for the exam. This includes just doing your homework or making some notes.

Author: Andrea Frisby 

Published: December 1, 2020


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