IEB AP English- Past Papers, Memos and Study Material

IEB AP English- Past Papers, Memos and Study Material

Date Published: October 28, 2020

AP English is a great subject for any individual who loves the English language and is looking to harness their skills. 

With all of the literature and work on top of first language English, it can be a lot of work. 

Matric College has put together this cheat sheet to help you pass your IEB AP English exam with flying colours.

Past Papers

Past papers are a great way for you to practise all the skills you’ve learnt in AP English before the exam. Past papers will be able to show you which learning areas you’re good at and which need more work. 

Past papers are also a great way to test your poetry, literature and comprehension skills in different situations. Learning to apply the knowledge is just as important as knowing the rules. 

Here are the IEB AP English past papers from 2015-2019

Marking Guidelines

Marking guidelines are a great way to get extra marks. By learning how the examiners want you to answer the questions, you’re more likely to give all the correct info in a way that gives you all the marks. 

It’ll also help you practise how long you should spend on each question! Often we spend too much time on questions that need short and concise answers. 

Here are the IEB AP English marking guidelines from 2015-2019

Tips and tricks for passing IEB AP English

Passing an intense subject like AP English can be kind of tricky. Here are some tips and tricks that might help you! 

  • Know your rules: Rules play a big part in AP English. Make sure that you know all the in’s and out’s of all of your rules!! Without them, you won’t make the cut.
  • Practise your application: Knowing your rules is one thing, but you MUST know how to apply them. Practise past papers to get the hang of the rule applications in AP English.
  • Try another teacher: Each teacher has a different way of explaining the work. If you try another teacher, they might be able to explain it in a way you’re more likely to understand. You can even try teachers on youtube. 
  • Study groups: Try joining a study group. This way you’ll all learn from each other and work through sections together!

Author: Andrea Frisby 

Published: December 1, 2020


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