IEB Afrikaans first additional language- Past Papers, Memos & Study Material

IEB Afrikaans first additional language- Past Papers, Memos & Study Material

Date Published: October 7, 2020

Afrikaans is the most popular first additional language in the IEB schooling system. With it being an additional language, there are some students who might find it somewhat tricky. 

Matric College has put together this cheat sheet for all IEB students who are looking to practise and improve their Afrikaans for their exams. 

Past Papers

Past papers are a great way to refine your skills in Afrikaans. After all, it’s all about really knowing your rules and then understanding how to apply them. This goes for sentence structure, comprehension and even poetry. 

When it comes down to your first additional language, the best thing you can do to improve is practise. That way you’re able to familiarise yourself with the work at hand and get used to it being asked in different ways. 

Get those rules! 

Here are some IEB past papers from 2015-2019 for Afrikaans First Aditional Language (FAL).

Marking Guidelines

Another great way to learn how to structure your answers in Afrikaans FAL is to see how the markers intend to mark your work. More often than not, if you familiarise yourself with how things will be marked, you’re more likely to write in a way that gets you the most amount of marks possible. 

It’s also a great way to practise your own language skills and get used to answering an amalgamation of questions in the right way. You won’t be surprised with the different way questions are asked because you’ll be so used to just applying all the rules. 

Here are some markign guidelines fro Afrikaans FAL. 

Tips and tricks for passing Afrikaans first additional language

Languages, especially those that aren’t our home language, can be quite tricky to get out heads around. But again, it all comes down to practise and repetition. 

  • Do your reading, every day: The only way to understand a language with more proficiency is to read. This way you’ll also learn new words that will help you in comprehensions. Also, remember that you have to read your prescribed books and fully understand them for the literature section. 
  • Practise: Again, practice makes perfect. Be sure to practise with past papers and do your homework to keep up to date with all the new work.
  • Learn your rules: The best way to pass Afrikaans is to learn all of your rules and practise applying them. A lot of the questions will be rule-based, this includes grammar, sentence structure, degrees of comparison and more. Parrot learn this and then practise applying them in all different situations. 
  • Get extra lessons: If you’re really struggling, try getting extra lessons either with your teacher, a tutor or on youtube! It always helps to hear work explained from different perspectives because maybe you just might understand it! 
  • Know that you can do it: The first step to passing and doing well is knowing that you can! You’ve got this! Believe in yourself and put in all the necessary work and you’ll really be able to pass the exam. 


Author: Andrea Frisby