ICB: Tests and Your Portfolio of Evidence

ICB: Tests and Your Portfolio of Evidence
  • Without your POE you will forfeit 30% of your final mark
  • 2 tests makeup your POE, ensure that you do these well before your examination to get a high enough mark.
  • All 3 areas of your POE must be completed and handed in at your examination venue. Without it, the marks will not be counted and you will have to fully rely on your final exam mark that counts 70%. 

When you start studying with ICB, you will be given your tests, assignments and quizzes at the beginning of your studies that will eventually make up your portfolio of evidence. 

Here is everything you need to know about your class tests and your POE when joining the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

  • What is your Portfolio of Evidence? 
  • What Does Your POE Contain? 
  • What Do I Do With My POE?
  • Class Tests and What to Include 
  • Choosing Your ICB Course 

What is your Portfolio of Evidence?

When you start your studies with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, you are given a Portfolio of Evidence. Each PoE is composed of 3 main areas. The three main areas are:

  • ICB Tests and Projects
  • ICB Portfolio Administrative
  • Answer Book

All 3 of these areas must be included in your POE when you hand it in at the time of your examination. 

Your POE will be sent to you within the first 4 weeks of your registration with ICB. As soon as you receive it, you can begin on your assignments, tests and quizzes that will help prepare you for the end examination.

ICB Tests and Projects

Your ICB Portfolio of Evidence is made up of 3 assignments and 2 tests that will make up part of your final mark for the course.

The POE counts 30% towards your final mark and so without it, your chances of passing your chosen course are slim.

ICB Portfolio Administrative

This part of your POE is a guide to help you through your studying journey with ICB. It will give you tips on how to complete your POE and what the best methods are for studying going forward. 

You must make sure that all the necessary documentation in this part of your POE is completed. 

Answer Book

The POE answer book is where you keep all the answers to your assignments, tests and quizzes.

What Do I Do With My POE?

When you have completed your POE, you must hand it in when you go to write your exam.

If you do not hand in your POW at your exam, your POE marks will not be counted and you will have to rely solely on your examination mark. The examination mark counts 70% towards your mark. 

Tests and What to Include

As part of your subject, you will have 2 tests that form part of your Portfolio of Evidence. These tests must be completed in the answer book and handed in at the time of your examinations. 

Be sure to complete these tests well in advance. If you leave them until the end, you are less likely to do well. It also means you have not had enough time to study properly for your examination. 

Keep in mind that the better you do in your POE, the less you have to worry about not getting a high mark in the examination. 

Choosing Your ICB Course

If you are a student looking to start studying with the ICB, there are 3 study programmes that you can choose from:

Ready to register? Why not give Matric College a call on 012 762 7100 and speak to one of our course experts. It is not too late to further your education.

Author: Andrea Frisby 

Last Updated: Sanel Van Staden,  6 July  2021

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