The ICB Prospectus and other Online Content.

We live in a modern age where everything is digital. We have tons of information only a few clicks away. Why should our studies be any different? Do you know about all the content you can find online, like the ICB Prospectus?

What is the ICB Prospectus and Where can I Find it?


A prospectus is a document, either a digital or printed booklet, containing all the necessary information on a specific school or college.  The ICB Prospectus is essentially a handbook on the ICB itself. It details exactly who and what the ICB are, and what their goal is. It also contains valuable information on the course work as well as the whole ICB learning experience.

Also in the prospectus is information on how to further your studies. Ways you can improve your skills and open up more doors in the professional world. Besides containing info on what you can study, the prospectus also lets you know all the different ways you can study. Full-time, part-time and distance learning all have their own pros and cons.

Full-time studies can often lead to your course being completed in a shorter amount of time. Part-time allows you to also work while studying. And finally, distance learning permits you to study even if you cannot physically attend classes.  

Are There any Other Important Documents I can Find Online?


Besides having access to the prospectus, the Student Portal also provides many other useful tools. The portal itself can be used as a home base for everything you need to know. The site itself can, of course, be used to register to be an ICB student. You can check your grades and course materials. But you can also register for exams, plan ahead and decide when you want to write (distance learners only).

Further, the student portal can be used to edit and change your personal details, as well as to make payments to the ICB. Every aspect of being a student can be managed from this site. It brings everything together in a nice and convenient space, allowing you to easily keep track of things.

What Other Online Resources are There for Students?


Because the internet is such a wacky and wonderful place, there are many tasks and things we can do with it. Some other online resources include Together We Pass (TWP),discussion groups, WhatsApp groups, student and lecture notes, and much much more.

All of these features help students get the best possible information they can. With everyone helping one another through social learning, they can all work together to understand difficult content. We talking and discussing with lecturers, students can ask any questions they could have.

This definitely benefits distance learners the most, since this is the only contact they can have with their lecturer. Online study groups and WhatsApp groups further help to bring students together.

What can I not do or Find Online?


With all the many benefits of studying online, unfortunately, there are some things you simply cannot do. You cannot find any past exam papers since the material being studied is updated on a yearly basis. This means that the older material will be outdated on a yearly basis.

You also cannot write your exams online, or submit your work online. This needs to be done physically, to ensure everything is handed in properly. This is the only part distance learners also need to attend in person. They can do all their work at home, but exams need to be written at a venue, and their course work needs to be handed in that same day.

The ICB Prospectus and other online tools help students to easily navigate their studies. Register now to see what all the fuss is about!

Written By: Michael Kritzinger

Last Updated: June 05, 2020