ICB Office Administration: National Certificate

Office Administration ensures that all day-to-day activities needed to be done in order for a business to run smoothly are taken care of. Matric College in association with Skills Academy offers ICB Office Administration: National Certificate. This course will provide you with all the necessary tools you need. With this course, you will be able to run any office without breaking a sweat!

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ICB National Certificate: Office Administration (Junior Office Admin)

Programme Type

Partner Programme

Award Type

National Certificate and a Programme Completion Certificate

Award Issued By

FASSET  will issue your National Qualification, and, the ICB will issue you a Programme Completion Certificate.

Accredited By


Course Duration

24 Months

NQF Level

Level 5

Entrance Criteria

  • Grade 12 or equivalent.
  • 16 years of age- is the required age
  • You don’t need any prior accounting knowledge

In order to complete the ICB National Certificate: Office Administration (Junior Office Admin), you will have to complete all the following subjects:

  1. Introduction to Business English
  2. Business and Office Administration 1 
  3. Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
  4. Business Literacy 
  5. Marketing Management and Public Relations
  6. Business Law and Administrative Practice
  7. Cost and Management Accounting

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Last Updated: January 20, 2020