ICB Courses

Want to work in the financial, business and accounting sector? Matric College, in partnership with Skills Academy, offers a range of ICB courses through distance learning. Level up your professional career with these courses. It could take you one step closer to achieving your career goals.

Who is the ICB?

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) is an independent external exam body for accredited business qualifications in Southern Africa. The ICB does not provide tuition or study material. They set the exams for the five ICB programmes and mark them. It’s up to you to pick a provider or college to study through, such as Matric College, Skills Academy, etc.

ICB Courses

How credible are they?

All ICB qualifications are registered by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

The ICB is also a quality assurance partner for the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO).This means that the Financial and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority (FASSET) issues NQF-aligned certificates and diplomas. All ICB qualifications are registered and well-known. 

Employees value ICB qualifications as they are nationally and internationally recognised. This means that when you apply for a job, you are more likely to be successful than someone with a basic certificate.

What ICB courses can I study?

The ICB offers five accredited Accounting, Business Study and Bookkeeping Programmes. Each programme has single courses that build on each other.

ICB Financial Accounting

This qualification consists of four levels (NQF L3-6). To get your National Diploma you need to complete all four levels in this study programme. You must have at least a completed grade 10 to qualify.

Possible Careers: Financial Accountant, Bookkeeper

ICB Public Sector Accounting

The Public Sector Accounting qualification has three levels (NQF L4-6). To get your National Diploma you must finish all three levels. You need a completed grade 11 to start this programme.

Possible Careers: Public Sector Accountant, Public Accounts Administrator

ICB Business Management

This qualification has three levels (NQF L3-6). You need grade 11 to qualify. To get your National Diploma you need to complete all three levels in this programme.

Possible Careers: Business Manager, Advisor

ICB Entrepreneurship

This programme consists of three levels (NQ4 L3-6). To get your qualification you need to complete all three levels in this Entrepreneurship programme. You need a completed grade 11 to start.

Possible Careers: Entrepreneur, Business Owner

ICB Office Administration

This qualification has three levels. To get your Diploma, you need to complete all three levels in this study programme. You need to have matric to qualify.

Possible Careers: Receptionist, Office Manager

Why study ICB courses?

Besides leading to accredited qualifications, ICB Courses have many other benefits. Take a look at the list below.  

  • ICB Courses can be studied through distance learning 
  • Study at your own pace 
  • Complete your first qualification in a short period 
  • Experience high-quality learning 
  • You can expand your professional portfolio

ICB & Distance Learning

As a Matric College distance learning student, you will get all the support you need to make passing your course easy. All study material, including textbooks, gets sent to you via courier service. You can work through your study material at your own pace, and wherever you like. There is no need to attend any classes. 

Need help with an assignment or have a course-related query? Our dedicated course experts are available to assist you at any time.

How do I register with the ICB?

Registration means that you will be added to the ICB student database and issued with a student number. You will then receive a PoE (Portfolio of Evidence) for each subject. The PoE consists of 3 assignments and 2 tests which needs to be completed during your study phase. Each one is submitted and assessed together with your final exam. 

Distance learning students can register for exams on the Student Portal. ICB Exams are held four times a year – February, May, August and November. You can download the 2020 Exam Timetable here.

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Last Updated: January 7, 2020