ICB Announces Their 2022/23 Exam Timetable And Fees

ICB Exam dates 2022

The fees and exam dates for 2022/23 have been finalised by the ICB. Last year the ICB introduced online exams. Overall the online exams have been extremely successful. When these exams were introduced, students were not too keen on the idea BUT many students soon preferred online exams to paper exams.

Due to COVID restrictions, the ICB had some issues hosting exams at the physical venues and they are anticipating further lockdowns in the future.

Many exams were cancelled or postponed due to the lack of venues available. This was frustrating and to some disruptive BUT the ICB managed to introduce online exams, which they will still offer. They will also still offer paper exams for each subject at least two times in the year.

Are There Any Changes To The New Exam Dates?

These are the 5 important things to look out for:

  1. You can write the paper exam twice a year. This is on top of the online exams.
  2. Online exams will only be in the afternoon. This will allow the colleges to use their IT labs.
  3. You can postpone your exams. From online to paper exams and vice versa.
  4. Only 10 main physical ICB distance venues will be used. Further information will be provided as soon as it is available.
  5. Saturday face-to-face exams will be discontinued

Watch This Video On What Mandisa Has To Say About The 2022/23 ICB Exams

What Will The New Exam Timetable Look Like?

Here is what you can expect for 2022/23:

Registration For The Exams

The registration for the April 2022 exams will open in January 2022. Make sure you stay updated and informed by checking out our page or ICB’s page.

Venues For Paper Exams

The physical venues still need to be confirmed. Once the venues have been confirmed, we will inform our students or our students can go to the ICB’s page.

These venues are extremely limited due to COVID restrictions and therefore it is important to register for the exams early to avoid disappointment.

Once the examination venues are full the ICB will not be able to take more bookings for that particular venue. Remember that you can always book an online sitting.

Portfolio of Evidence (POE) Completion Dates

The Portfolio of Evidence (POE) should be completed a week before the exams start. This will allow the ICB to perform certain administrative functions before students start their exams. Students then get the opportunity to focus on preparing for the exams.

If you have not completed your Portfolio of Evidence (POE) before the due date, you will not be allowed to write the exams.

New Features For The Portfolio Of Evidence

The new Portfolio of Evidence (POE) now has a new feature that has step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for the online examination

You can download your ICB 2022/23 timetable here.

2022/23 ICB Exam Time table

2022/23 ICB Exams Fees

The ICB has announced that the exam fees have only slightly increased. The exam fees are now R730 per exam and R400 for the annual exam fees.

Whether you register to write the exam in January, August or December, each student still has to pay the annual fee of R400.

Download the ICB exam fees for 2022/23 here.

2022/23 ICB Fees

Are There Any Additional Exam Dates For ICB?

Yes, there are additional exam dates for ICB. Find the exam dates below:

ICB additional exam dates 2022

How Do I Book An ICB Exam?

If you are not sure how to book an ICB Exam, you can follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1: Starting the process
  • Step 2: Choose the module/subject 
  • Step 3: Choose the date
  • Step 4: Select the student to register
  • Step 5: Finalise your registration
How to book an exam with ICB

Step 1: Starting The Process

You will first go to the student portal. You can press the exam registration tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

step 1 ICB registration

Step 2: Choose The Module/Subject

Click the drop-down arrow to select the subject or module you wish to register for. A list will be provided.

step 2 ICB registration

Step 3: Choose The Date

Once you have selected the subject or module you wish to write, a list of dates will appear. First, look at your timetable to ensure that you are selecting the correct type of exam.

This could be (online or paper-based). This depends on your preference.

step 3 ICB registration

Step 4: Select Your Name To Register

A full list of names will appear on your screen. Please select your own name. If your name has a red cross, then your details are incorrect and that you do not have an email address that is registered and linked to the ICB.

You can click on your name and then click on the ADD button. Alternatively, you can type your student number in the space provided.

step 4 ICB registration

Step 5: Finalise Your Registration

The final step is to check if your name has been selected. Check if your name appears in the SELECTED CANDIDATES box. If this is done, you should check that the POE digital box has been ticked.

After you have checked that everything is in place, you should click on the REGISTER button in the bottom right corner.

Step 5 ICB registration


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Author: Jesmé Africa

Date Uploaded: 19 November 2021

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