How to Check Matric Results Online

Umalusi approves the Release of the 2019 Matric Results

Results for the 787,000 matric candidates who wrote their matric exams in November 2019, have been approved for release by Umalusi.

This includes:

616,754 full-time; and

170,964 part-time candidates

Read more here about what subjects had their marks adjusted: Umalusi approves the release of the 2019 Matric Results.  

Figuring out how to check your matric results online is the fastest way for you to get your final marks.

Your first port of call should be the Depart of Educations website.  They have a page on their site where the results are loaded so that you can check them online.  The 2018 results will be live on the site after 2pm on Monday the 7th of January 2019. You will need your exam number in order to check your results. Once you enter your exam number on the site your results will be shown to you.  

National Senior Certificate Exams

National Matric Results Here Some provinces also give their results on their websites 

Telephone numbers for provincial and national Departments of Education: 

  • National office: (012) 312 5845/6/7 
  • Eastern Cape: (043) 604 7709/73 
  • Free State: (051) 404 8000 
  • Gauteng: (011) 355 0588 
  • KwaZulu Natal: (031) 327 0538/0331 
  • Limpopo: (015) 290 7747/7830 
  • Mpumalanga: (013) 766 0033 
  • Northern Cape: (053) 839 6585 
  • North West: (018) 384 3100/51 
  • Western Cape: (021) 467 2483  

What can you do if you Didn’t Pass Your Exams?

Failing your exams might seem like the end of the world at first, but there is hope. There are several colleges out there that can help you. You could find a college where you study adult matric or do your matric upgrade . The other option is to sign up with a college that offers courses that you can study without matric. You can also return to your school for another year, and redo the full year at school.  

College Where I can Study Without Matric

Study Without Matric with the ICBThere are several private, distance learning colleges where you can study without matric. They offer fully accredited programmes, that allow you study with as little as Grade 10.  And which can take you to a National Diploma (which is two levels higher than a matric, and one level below a university degree). Here are some colleges where you can study without Matric:

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Last Updated: June 05, 2020