How important is an APS score for Matrics

How important is an APS score for Matrics

The marks you receive in matric will determine whether you will get into university. It is important that matric learners understand the Admission Point Score (APS) system.

Your APS score is used by universities to see if you qualify for a particular course. 

The purpose of an APS score

It is important for learners to know their APS score and to understand what an APS score is. APS systems are unique in some universities. Students need to think about the APS system from the moment they choose their subjects in high school.

Learners need to perform well in grade 11. It is important to remember that it is not enough to get the minimum requirements. Universities receive a huge amount of applications and only the best students are chosen..

How to calculate your APS

You need to have your final exam results to calculate your APS score.

The university will need your final matric results as soon as they are released. Your matric subjects are changed into a point system. The points are added up together to calculate your APS score. The amount of points you get for each subject will depend on how well you perform. Read more about how to calculate your APS Score here.

APS calculator example

The total APS score is 39

What APS score do I need for university?

Your APS score could make or break your chances of getting into university. Each university has their own APS score requirement. Courses also have different APS score requirements. Some universities exclude Life orientation in calculating an APS score. Life orientation is not specific to any course,  which is why it is excluded.

How universities use an APS score

Universities use your total APS score to see if you qualify for the course you apply for. Universities use the APS score system to inform learners on the type of courses they are able to apply for.

This helps universities deal with the load of applications. Some university courses need more than your APS score. You might need to submit portfolio work, audition or attend interviews to get accepted. If you fail to meet the minimum entry requirements for university. You can further your studies at a college, technical university or through distance learning

Author: Omega Fumba 

Date Published: 27 July 2020