I Lost My Matric Certificate: How Do I Get a Replacement?

I Lost My Matric Certificate: How Do I Get a Replacement?

I Lost My Matric Certificate: How Do I Get a Replacement?

Losing or damaging your matric certificate can seem like the end of the world. There are various processes that you can go through to get a replacement certificate. 

Here is everything you need to know about getting a replacement matric certificate:

  • Re-issue
  • Lost Matric Certificate
  • Damaged Matric Certificate
  • Affidavits 
  • Timeframe, Payment and Other

Getting a Re-issue

The re-issuing of a lost or damaged matric certificate can be done through the Department of Education. There is no other legal way to acquire a matric certificate. 

Lost Matric Certificate

Here are the steps that you need to follow when applying for the replacement of a lost certificate: 

  1. Affidavit: To get an affidavit you must go to a police station. An affidavit proves that your certificate is actually lost so that you can apply for a new one. This will include what happened to the certificate such as a fire or robbery. 
  2. Your ID: You have to have your original ID and a certified copy. This can be done at the police station. 
  3. Application Form: This form can be filled in online and all above documents can be attached here. Or, the application form can be downloaded here
  4. Admin Fee: The admin fee for the application must be paid. This document is needed by the DBE or PED. Pay online here or via the post office. 
  5. Online or Post: The application can be completed online or posted with all necessary documents to Private Bag X895, Pretoria, 0001 (DBE) or to your PED.

Damaged Matric Certificate

After step 2 below, follow steps 2-5 above. 

  • Affidavit: This will explain what happened that damaged the original matric certificate. An affidavit can be made at the police station. Make sure to take the damaged copy with you when applying for a re-issue.
  • The Original: The original certificate must be included in the documents posted or uploaded for the application of the new matric certificate.

How to get a Proper Affidavit

An affidavit is a statement of fact that is made under oath and overseen by the law. It is a report made by an individual and signed by the police. 

Affidavits are used as forms of proof, such as ensuring the certificate was damaged or lost to get a reissue. 

Writing the Affidavit

This can be tricky to do alone. Here are a few steps to help you write an affidavit.

  1. Use a proper title: The title of the affidavit must tell the reader exactly what to expect. Your name should also be part of the title.
  2. Write a personal declaration: Add anything applicable to the situation. This should be your name, occupation, age, address etc.  Write what you are using the affidavit for, like a new matric certificate. 
  3. Statement of truth: This is a report to promise that your facts are true and it is made under oath. 
  4. The facts: State all the facts. This includes why you are in need of an affidavit.  Here it would be important to say how you lost or damaged your certificate. 
  5. Conclusion: In this you promise that everything you have said is truthful and you have not lied.

Signing the Affidavit

The signing of the affidavit is a very important step that must be followed to be able to apply for your matric certificate. 

Keep in mind that without the signature of a commissioner of oaths, the affidavit is not valid and cannot be used by the Department of Education. All affidavits can be signed at either the police station or at a lawyers office. 

Remember that your affidavit also needs to be signed by a witness. When having your affidavit signed by a notary, you must have proof of identification. Without this it will not be signed. 

Using an Affidavit

Each affidavit has an expiration date. Make sure that you use your affidavit within a year of it being signed.

After that, it will no longer be valid and will not be accepted. Remember that if any part of the affidavit is false or untrue, you could face legal action.

Time Frame, Payment and other Importance

Here is everything you need to know about the time frame, payment and other importance when applying for a re-issue.

Waiting period

The waiting period for the reissue of your matric certificate is 4 – 6 weeks. You can use your reference number to track your new certificate. 


Payment can be made online or at the post office. This payment must be made to the Department of Basic Education/Provincial Education Department.

The total cost of applying for the reissue of a matric certificate should be R118.

Private schools vs Public schools

Both private and public schools fall under the Department of Education, despite the difference in the syllabus. This means that both matric certificates are re-issued from the same place.

If you have lost your IEB or NSC matric certificate, you apply at the same place. 

If you went to a private or public school, all the steps mentioned above apply to you.


There are groups all over social media offering fake matric certificates. This is the wrong way to get a reissue and could land you up in a lot of trouble. 

These fake certificates are often more expensive than the actual application for a reissue. Not to mention the risk of spending at least 5 years in jail. Take the time to apply for your real certificate to ensure it can be used for employment. 

If you want to study further without a matric certificate it is possible to do so here.

Studying Without a Matric Certificate

If you are unable to achieve your grade 12 certificate, you can still further your studies. Matric College offers many courses that you can start without a matric certificate.  Click here to find out more. 

To register for any of our courses, call us on 012 762 7100 and speak to one of our course experts.

Why your Grade 12 Certificate is so Important

If you have lost or damaged your certificate, it is important that you get a new one. Matric certificates are important for the following reasons: 

  • Better chance of employment: Many employers ask to see matric certificates before they employ people. If you do not have one, the chances of you finding employment are far lower. Apply for a re-issue instead of going without one. 
  • Higher pay: Your matric certificate is not just a piece of paper. You can earn double the salary of somebody who does not have a matric certificate. 
  • Furthering your education: You cannot go to university without a matric certificate. Some courses also do not allow you to start without a matric certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you:

How to buy original matric certificate?

You cannot buy an original matric certificate, this is fraud. Instead you can apply for a re-issue for R118. 

How do I know if it is a fake matric certificate?

The only place that can issue your matric certificate is the Department of Education. Any other business will give you a fake certificate. 

How to see a fake matric certificate

It is safe to assume that any matric certificate that does not come straight from the Department of Education is fake. 

Is it possible to download matric certificate?

No. You will get a printed copy of your matric certificate from the Department of Education. 

Is my exam number on matric certificate?

Yes, your examination number will be on your matric certificate 

What is my matric certificate number?

Your matric certificate number can be found at the bottom right of your matric certificate. It is directly above a barcode. Click here to view the features on your matric certificate. 

How to get a matric certificate fast

Unfortunately this is not possible. If you need to do a matric certificate course it will take between 1 and 3 years. If you have applied for a reissue, it can take between 4-6 weeks. 

How to get an Umalusi matric certificate

All matric certificates are accredited by Umalusi. That goes for both private and public schools. 

Can I view matric certificate online? 

No, you will get a printed version of your matric certificate. 

How to check  my certificate is original or not

If your certificate is not issued by the Department of Education, it is safe to assume it is fake. Click here to view the security features of matric certificates. 

Where can I find the matric certificate archives?

Click here to find the matric certificate archives. 

Can I get my umalusi matric certificate pdf? 

No, you will have a hard copy emailed to you. Unless you scan your matric certificate and download it to your computer, you will not be able to have a pdf. 

What happens to an unclaimed matric certificate? 

If your school does not keep your unclaimed certificate, you must apply for a re-issue. 

Can I view my matric certificate online? 

No, you get a printed copy of your matric certificate. 

Where can I find old matric results online?

Click here to find old matric results online.

Author: Andrea Frisby 

Published: January 25, 2021


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