HG/SG meaning

Date Published: October 17, 2020

HG/SG stands for Higher grade(HG) and Standard Grade(SG). These terms are commonly used in relation to subjects in high school. When you choose your subjects in high school, you will have higher grade and lower grade subjects.

Higher grade subjects are the subjects that will be beneficial to you when you apply for university.

What are high credit subjects in matric

Higher credit subjects are subjects that have a higher rating when you apply for university. For example, Life Orientation is a low credit subject, which is why some universities don’t include Life Orientation in your APS score, while others will only count half of your Life Orientation mark. The following subjects qualify as high credit subjects 


  • Afrikaans 
  • English
  • IsiNdebele 
  • IsiXhosa 
  • IsiZulu 
  • Sepedi 
  • Sesotho 
  • Setswana 
  • Siswati 
  • Tshivenda 
  • Xitsonga

What is NSC?

NSC stands for National Senior Certificate. NSC is commonly known as matric with grade 12 as the matriculation grade. 

How can I get my Matric?

Adult matric

Adults who are 21 years or older may apply to write the exams for the Amended National Senior Certificate. 

Applicants must have passed Grade 9 or Standard 7 to qualify. (To get accepted into the exam you will have to show your Grade 9 or Standard 7 school report.)


Applicants must have a General Education and Training Certificate(GETC), or a qualification at level 1 on the National Qualifications Framework(NQF).

Matric upgrade 

A matric upgrade is an opportunity for you to improve your matric results. When you get a matric update, you can focus only on the subjects you want to improve. This means you do not have to rewrite all of your matric exams.

What matric marks really mean?

Higher certificate pass

Learners with a higher certificate pass may only study at an institution that offers higher certificate courses or you can study towards a course that does not require matric. To get a higher certificate pass you have to;

  • Obtain 40% in your Home Language.
  • At least 40% in two other subjects.
  • At least 30% for three other subjects.

Diploma pass

Learners with a diploma pass can study at a college and get a diploma certificate. Learners can also study at a university that offers diploma courses. To get a diploma pass you have to;

  • Get at least 40% in your home language 
  • At least 40% in three other subjects
  • At least 30% for two other subjects

Bachelor's pass

Learners with a bachelor’s pass can apply to study at university, college or any school of higher education. Acceptance will depend on the course and university requirements. To get a bachelor’s pass you have to;

  • Obtain at least 40% in your home language 
  • At least 50% in four other subjects 
  • At least 30% in two other subjects

Author: Omega Fumba