Failed your June 2019 exam? No problem, you can now rewrite November 2019

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The Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga has approved that candidates ( Senior Certificate) who wrote in June 2019 can now under certain circumstances be allowed to rewrite in November 2019.

So if you didn’t pass this is your opportunity to rewrite and get ready to get that job you’ve been wanting to apply.

Failed your June 2019 exam

Criteria needed to qualify for November 2019

  • Only candidates who registered and wrote om the June 2019 examination and failed ( 30% and below for the subject or 40% below for your home language)
  • You were absent but have a valid reason

What would constitute a valid reason?

  • You were ill and have a copy of your medical certificate
  • There was a death in your immediate family and you have a death certificate
  • Any reasons out of your control, you would then need an affidavit and this will be evaluated by a relevant official

Reasons which would not allow you to write in November 2019

  • A candidate who registered for the June exam but did not turn up. Absent with no reason
  • A candidate who did not write one or more question papers in a specific subject. 

How do I register to write in November?

You are able to register online by:

  1.  Log into the DBE website
  2. Follow the link to the registration system
  3. Choose a subject which you wrote and failed or were absent for with a valid reason ( Remember: If you did not write a specific subject in June 2019, you cannot now decide to write it)
  4. If you were absent, you will have to deliver your proof to the nearest examination centre, circuit, district or provincial office (You cannot upload this on-line)

I don’t have access to internet, how can I register?

If you are unable to register on-line, you can print this form and take it to your nearest examination centre, circuit, district or provincial office. Remember to make sure you are eligle to rewrite based on the factors above.

In the case of manual registration make sure you attach your statement of results for the June 2019 examination to your registration form.

Due dates to apply

Manual Registration (examination centre, circuit, district or provincial office)

Opening date: 19 August 2019 

Closing date: 4 September 2019


Opening date: 4 September 2019 (08:00am)

Closing date: 11 September 2019 ( 24:00pm)


All candidates must have a working email address and cell phone in order for examination information to be communicated to them.

Last Updated: Sanel Van Staden , 2 July  2021

Published: July 2, 2021


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