What If I failed Matric Subjects in 2017?

If you failed the recent matric examinations, you don’t need to distress there is still options that you can pursue. There are three options. Firstly, you can have your exams rechecked, where they will check to see if your exam marks were added up correctly. This costs R18 per paper. Secondly, you can have your exams remarked completely, where they will check every answer to see what you got right and wrong. This costs R80 per paper. Thirdly you can apply to rewrite certain exams, this is when you did not do well in certain matric exams and you can rewrite the exams during February and March. The application to rewrite your exams expires in January so the decision needs to be made soon.  If you want to know more about your options you can find that out here. You can also start studying without matric. The ICB offers valuable courses in many different streams of business which do not require matric.


Matric Rewrite Exam Timetable

If you want to know how the supplementary exams work and what the schedule of exams are and when you are writing each specific certificate that can be found here.


No Matric? Don’t worry you are not alone.

Not everybody passes or even finishes their Matric certificate, but that does not mean that you have to give up hope. There are still options that are available to you.


Are you older than 23? Did you fail Matric? Have you just left school? Let us help you:


You might think that because you haven’t got a Matric that now you can’t study.  You are not alone – did you know that half of all pupils who go to school, drop out of the school system before they even get to matric. And over half the pupils who write matric, can’t go on to further studies – because of the wrong subjects, or low marks, or simply not getting a place at a college or university.

OR try one of these courses that do not need a Matric certificate:

Don’t worry! There are many opportunities to study further; with Skills Academy you can still receive a quality education and achieve your career goals– even if you don’t have a Matric. Check on this great article on News24 for even more info for on why you don’t always need a Matric: What is this obsession with Matric?

Last Updated: November 18th 2016