Facial Skincare Courses

Consider yourself a skincare expert? Why not back that up by enrolling for our Facial Skincare Courses today! Take the first step to becoming the best in the beauty industry.

What is Facial Skincare all About?

Facial skincare refers to treatments to the face area, either by applying cosmetics or using massage techniques. This is done to promote healthy skin and keep the face looking clear. Facial treatments often include a face, neck and shoulder massage as well.

Benefits of Taking Facial Skincare Courses

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Facial skincare is considered to be one of the most important aspects of beauty therapy. By studying a skincare course you can gain knowledge on different skin types and tones, as well as techniques for looking after your skin. Other benefits include the following: 

  • You can gain valuable skills that can be added to your existing skillset. 
  • The more skills you have, the more money you can earn. 
  • You can help others improve their appearance and manage skin conditions.

What Facial Skincare Courses are There?

Matric College offers three Facial Skincare courses through distance-learning. To start, all you need is grade 10 and to be 16 years or older. You also need to be able to read and write in English

What Will I Learn?

These courses will equip you with skills such as how to communicate with clients, which areas to focus on to achieve healthy skin, and how to maintain hygiene standards. 

The subjects covered include Business English, Anatomy and Physiology, Salon skills and Facial Skincare theory and techniques.

Who Should Study Facial Skincare Courses?

The beauty industry can be competitive so a wide range of skills and knowledge is needed. You should consider studying these courses if: 

  • You are interested in beauty therapy and want to learn more about facial skincare 
  • You’ve completed other beauty therapy courses and want to expand your skills. 
  • You want to learn more before deciding to enroll at a beauty school.

What Skills do I Need?

Wondering what skills you need to make it in the beauty industry? Take a look at the ones listed below.


Customers tend to want to know what you will be doing to them. You should be able to explain procedures clearly and put them at ease.

Time Management

One of the key aspects is knowing how to stick to a schedule. This is important when dealing with appointments.


You should be professional at all times by being discreet with your clients and offer them the best possible advice and attention.

Passion for Learning

The beauty industry involves learning new skills, techniques and new products. With a career in this field, you should keep up with the latest trends and treatments.

Where can I Work?

As a beauty professional, you can work at a number of places such as: 

  • Beauty salons 
  • Spas
  • Health clubs 
  • Your own business 
  • Freelance

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Last Updated: 25 February, 2020