Everything You Need To Know When Choosing ICB

ICB Courses are designed by the help of ICB to help you to gain knowledge that is good for business. You can use this to open a business or work for a company.

ICB Courses are created by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB). The ICB is an external examination body which creates exams, and courses, and also grants accreditation to courses. They created ICB Courses, which are named after their institution. 

The ICB created ICB Courses to offer skills and knowledge that are good for business. People use these skills and knowledge either to start their own businesses or to work for other companies. Below is a list of everything you need to know when choosing an ICB Course: 

Apply now button ICB Student Portal

When you are studying an ICB Course, you use the ICB Student Portal. This is an online platform that helps you have access to your academic information. You can use it to access the following things: 

  • Information about courses 
  • Timetables 
  • Course fees 
  • Personal information 

To log into your ICB Student Portal, you must do the following: 

  • Press on this link, and you will be directed to the ICB Student Portal 
  • Insert your Username details
  • Insert your password
  • You can log in by clicking the blue button below, written ‘log in’


The ICB MACCI Portal is the second online portal of ICB. This portal helps you do the following: 

  • Receive updates on courses 
  • Get hold of your PoE 
  • Complete your assignments and submit them
  • Write your tests and submit them 
  • Complete your final examination 

You receive the login details to your ICB MACCI Portal when you have registered on the ICB Student Portal.

ICB Courses


When you have chosen an ICB Course, you must complete certain assessments to pass the course. Each subject in an ICB Course has a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE). A Portfolio of Evidence consists of the following assessments: 

  • Two online tests 
  • Three online assignments

You can complete your PoE in your ICB MACCI Portal. You must pass each test and assignment with a mark of 50% or higher. Please note that the PoE must be completed before the final exam starts.

ICB Exam

Each subject in an ICB Course consists of a final examination. There are two types of ICB exams. These are: 

  • Online exams 
  • Paper-based exams

Online Exams

ICB online exams are completed on the ICB MACCI Portal. These exams are written between 01:00 pm to 04:30 pm.

Paper-Based Exams

ICB paper-based exams are written at a physical location. These exams are written from 09:00 am to 12:30 pm. 

For both online and paper-based exams, you must obtain 50% or higher marks to pass the exam. 

Why Study ICB Courses Through Matric College?

You should study ICB Courses through Matric College because of the following reasons: 

  • Study at home 
  • Gain scarce skills 
  • Get study material 
  • Gain valuable qualifications

Study At Home

Matric College is a distance learning institution. This means that you study from home. This helps you study without academic pressure. You study at the time and speed that you want. This way, you have a better understanding of what you are studying.

Gain Scarce Skills

When you study ICB Courses, through Matric College, you gain scarce skills. These skills are highly required in the workplace. Having scarce skills increases your opportunities of getting employment.

Get Study Material

We provide learning material to our students. When you study any ICB Courses, you will be given study material. This is sent to your location. You can use your study material to gain knowledge. It will help you to answer questions in your assessments.

Gain Valuable Qualifications

The ICB Courses we offer provide you with qualifications when you complete the courses. These qualifications are accredited by the ICB and the QCTO. When employers see that you have an accredited qualification, they will want to hire you. This is because accredited qualifications consist of relevant skills and knowledge.

Are ICB Qualifications Recognised?

Yes, ICB qualifications are recognised all over the world. They are recognised in countries such as the United Kingdom (UK). There are different professional bodies in the UK where you can further your studies. These are: 

  • ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)
  • IAB (International Association of Bookkeepers) 
  • IAAP (International Association of Accounting Professionals) 
  • CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants)

What Can I Do With An ICB Qualification?

You can use your ICB Qualification to do the following: 

  • Open a business 
  • Find employment 

Open A Business

All ICB Qualifications are business orientated. You obtain skills and knowledge that are used in business. Use these skills to open your own business. You will be able to manage it well. You will have skills and knowledge such as the following to help you: 

  • Ability to draft a business plan 
  • Reconciling suppliers 
  • Handling payroll 
  • Interpreting financial statements
  • Operate a computer 
  • Prepare the trial to balance sheet 

You will be more likely to succeed in business if you have studied our ICB Courses and gained the relevant business knowledge and skills.

Find Employment

ICB Qualifications can be used to get employment. For each ICB Qualification, these are the careers you can get: 

ICB Financial Accounting QualificationICB Business Management Qualification ICB Office Administration Qualification 
Financial Assistant Junior ResearcherOffice Manager 
Financial Manager Sales Assistant Office Administrator 
Business Analyst Human Resource Manager Senior Office Administrator 
Credits Controller Customer Service Manager Administrative Manager 
Bookkeeper Senior Office Administrator Marketing Administrator 

Author: Mulisa Nethononda
Editor: Sive Ncanywa
Date : July 15 , 2022