Education Matters When Building a Career

Education Matters When Building a Career

Date published: August 25, 2020

South Africa is no stranger to unemployment. Between the birth of post-apartheid South Africa and today, unemployment has begun to affect all areas. Even individuals with degrees are struggling to find employment. However, those with higher levels of education are more likely to find a job.

With earning potential determined by educational levels, many are left earning very little. This is because nearly 50% of all students who start school, will not reach matric.

The Link Between Earning Potential and Education

Those with an education below matric are expected to earn less than a living wage. Anybody who failed to achieve their matric certificate will earn between R1704 – R2660. 

Having completed your matric certificate nearly doubles your expected earning potential. And with just another year of study, it more than doubles again to R13 378. 

Having a bachelor’s degree leaves you only a 1.9% chance of employment.

Times Are Made Tougher Without Education

The youth of today may have more education than their parents, but they are not reaping the rewards that should come with it. 4.3 % of individuals between the ages of 35-64 that hold graduate degrees are unemployed. 

Compared to the 31% unemployment rate for graduates under the age of 24. 12.9% of graduates between the ages of 25-34 are unemployed.

Even graduates are experiencing a rise in unemployment. This is exactly why education matters. Without it you might join 55% of the population left unemployed. Those of whom have not completed their schooling.  

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Seize the Day

It is not too late to further your education. By achieving a matric certificate, you are more likely to get employed. Your earning potential will also increase rapidly. 

Matric College

Matric College offers the chance to complete your matric after the age of 21. If you’re interested in this, check out the application here.

They also offer courses that can be completed without a matric. Again, this could raise your earning potential whether you have completed grade 12 or not. Click here to see what courses they have to offer.

The Skills Academy

The Skills Academy is a long-distance learning institute. They offer courses tailored to those who couldn’t finish matric. These courses include scarce skills like bookkeeping and accounting that can fare well when looking for employment. 

Have a look at what courses they have to offer here.

Ember Academy

Also a distance-learning college, Ember Academy offers a multitude of courses. As a reputable institute they also offer courses that are in demand. These include business management and financial accounting. 

There is bound to be a course that suits your needs. Find out here!

The Learning Group

Offering mostly creative courses, The Learning Group offers a chance to those who want to elevate their earning potential. Having done a course at a reputable institute like this will also help to open more doors for your future. 

Have a look at what they have to offer here.

The Décor School

The Décore School is the home for interior design and decorating courses. Professions like these are likely to be in the same earning brackets as those who have their matric and a diploma. 

The Bellview Institute

Distance learning makes it easier to earn while you study. The Bellview Institute offers various courses that can help improve your chances of employment. 

Business management, marketing management and more! Have a look here at what they offer.  

This article is an updated version of one published on the 9th of March 2017. See the original article here.

Author: Jan Badenhorst, CEO, Matric College