Eastern Cape Launches Mother Tongue Exams

Eastern Cape Launches Mother Tongue Exams

Date Published: September 11, 2020

The Eastern Cape education department makes history as the only province to allow students to answer exams in a language of their choosing.

What you need to know

  • Exams are usually to be answered in either English or Afrikaans: In South Africa, exams are traditionally written in English or Afrikaans. This has been an everlasting reality.
  • The Easten Cape is the first province to break this barrier: The Eastern Cape will be the first province in South Africa to launch mother tongue exams. This is the first time we will see this old- traditional pastime broken.
  • Exam papers will be given in home languages: Each student will have the option to write their examination in their mother tongue. Both the question paper and answers will be in the chosen language.
  • This initiative starts on the 14th of September: This initiative will commence on the 14th of September with the start of exams in the Eastern Cape
  • English and Afrikaans remain an option:With most lessons taught in either English or Afrikaans, including them being the most common textbook languages, Afrikaans and English will still be an option. Even if it is not their mother tongue.

Author: Andrea Frisby