Distance Learning Colleges

Distance Learning Colleges

Date Published: August 27, 2020

It is possible to study further without a matric. Yes, a matric certificate is a very important part of getting a job but not everybody can get one. 

Here a few reputable colleges to choose from when wanting to further your studies without a matric certificate.

The Perks of Distance Learning

With distance learning comes the ability to multitask. Another perk would be the amount of money you could save! Here are all the reasons you should choose distance learning:

Don’t need a matric: All the colleges mentioned below do not require a matric certificate.
Study and work at the same time: With distance learning, you can study while you work. This means you’re able to further your education while still earning money.
Save on transportation costs: With being able to work from home, you can save money on transport costs.
Get promoted while you study: If you’re improving your education while you work, you are more likely to get promoted! You’ll know more about your field and be able to perform new elements of work.
It’s often cheaper than a full time contact course: This is a great reason on its own to try distance learning! 

Where to Study

There are many long-distance colleges that you can choose from. Today we will be looking at 6 reputable colleges that offer courses to match everybody’s interests. 

The Skills Academy

The Skills Academy offers fully accredited courses to study without matric. They are an institution that fully believes in supporting their students to reach success. 

With their cash-back policy, you get refunded if you finish your qualification early. This means that if you finish in 10 months instead of 12, you’ll be reimbursed for those 2 months! 

Most courses at The Skills academy are easy to access. If you’re able to read and write in english and have a grade 10 certificate, you’re good to go! 

Here are the courses they have to offer.

Matric College

Matric College offers two great ways to improve your career. Either do your matric certificate after the age of 21, or further your studies! 

All your study materials will be couriered to you when you decide to join Matric College. With 24 hour support for students, Matric College puts its learners first. 

Studying from home is made easy. With caring staff, individual help and a quick courier service, what else can you ask for?

Have a look at what courses Matric College has to offer here.

Bellview Institute of Distance Learning

The Bellview Institute of Distance Learning is QCTO accredited and offers multiple qualifications. All of which you can complete without a matric certificate. 

These career development courses are tailored around the professional world. The Bellview Institute will help you build your career in your chosen field. 

Textbooks and delivery included, there are no hidden costs. From accounting to marketing, have a look at all the courses they have to offer here

The Learning Group

The Learning Group is a great choice for any creative individual. With courses in makeup, skincare, photography and more, it’s a great way for you to further your education. 

Even creativity can help further your career! With a premium distance learning experience, you can study from the comfort of your own home.

Have a look here at what The Learning Group has to offer.

The Décor School

Another home for the creative individual. The Décore School offers qualifications in interior design and interior decoration. 

These courses can help propel any design career. Trend forecasting, hand-on learning and more, the Décor School offers a career specific experience for its students. 

Interior decorating and design can also translate into a lucrative career! For the courses they offer have a look here.

Ember Academy

Last but not least, Ember Academy is a great long-distance college for career based learning. Jumpstarting your career is made easy with constant contact, online study groups and strategic support until you pass. 

The Ember Academy supplies its students with real-world skills and knowledge. These tools are imperative to building a successful career. 

With ICB accredited courses, the Ember Academy might just be the right choice for you.

For more on what they have to offer, have a look here.

Author: Andrea Frisby