Department of Basic Education Celebrated for Matric Exam Readiness

Department of Basic Education Celebrated for Matric Exam Readiness

Date Published: November 13, 2020

The Department of Basic Education has been applauded by The Portfolio Committee on Basic Education for successfully preparing the class of 2020 ready for their finals.

After a turbulent year in academics, many students were kept out of school with the nation-wide lockdown. This meant fewer contact sessions and less time to finish their curriculum. 

With all the effort put in by the DoBE, matric students are believed to be well prepared for their exams having finished their syllabus. The matric final exams started on the 5th of November and will conclude on the 15th of December.

Low Maths Registration

With the matric finals of 2020, South Africa saw the largest historical number of matrics registering to write their matric exams. Another factor, somewhat grimmer, was how few matrics were registering to write core mathematics. 

More students are opting for maths literacy instead of core maths in a country that needs students with mathematical/scientific education.

The low registration rate is a direct example of the state of education in the South African schooling system. With so many students struggling with mathematics, very few move on to write their matric mathematics exam.

Even fewer thereafter move on to study in fields of maths and science. Both of which are critical skills needed in South Africa today.

Additional Markets, Invigilators and Examiners

Additional academic staff have been employed to help deal with the changes implemented as a result of the COVID-19 regulations.

A list of invigilators is also being kept on standby in case any catch the coronavirus and must be replaced. This is to ensure that the 1:30 invigilator to student ratio is met. 

Extra markers have also been employed due to the high volume of matric students writing their exams. Over 1 million students are expected to write in the final examination period due to June/July examinations being deferred to December. This is a cause of the nationwide lockdown.

COVID-19 Positive Students

All COVID-19 positive students are now allowed to write their final exams. Upon arrival, all students will undergo screening before entering their examination venues. Any students with temperatures exceeding 38 degrees will be taken to write in an isolated venue. 

COVID-19 isolated candidates will be required to place their exam in a sealed, plastic sleeve to ensure as little contact as possible. 

All positive or symptomatic students will write together in a separate venue and stick to the social distancing regulations put in place by the government. 

Examination Protocol

The DoBE has ensured that necessary precautions will be put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This includes the wearing of face masks, sanitizing venues and screening students and academic staff upon arrival.

Each institution is also encouraged to keep a list of students with comorbidities to ensure that these students are kept safe. 

The Department of Basic Education released this November Examination Protocol document to ensure that everything goes as safely and as smoothly as possible. View the Matric College Summary here.

Author: Andrea Frisby 

Published: November 13, 2020


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