We receive a lot of inquiries regarding Matric Upgrades, that’s why we’ve compiled important information that may answer all your questions. Here’s everything you need to know about combining your matric results.

Combining Your Matric Results

Will I be able to combine my old matric results with my Adult Matric results?

Yes, you are allowed to combine your Senior Certificate, National Senior Certificate, and Adult Matric results. However, you need to be aware that are only a selected number of subjects available and you have to meet certain subject requirements. For one, you are not allowed to choose subjects that require in-school practical assessments.

That means you cannot select subjects such as Consumer Science and Dramatic Arts. This is simply because you won’t be receiving full tuition – you are a part-time matriculant. You also need to be aware of the subject name change. 

Will my credits count? 

What happens after you wrote matric during multiple sittings? Subjects you wrote before the June 2015 examinations will be recognised. You may then combine your credits to qualify for the National Certificate. To do this, you should apply for a Replacement Certificate and state you are applying for a change of status (Replacement Certificate: Change of status). Your status won’t automatically change unless you wrote the supplementary exams.

Who should apply?

Matric Upgrades aren’t just for people who failed matric. They are perfect for those who didn’t do well in their final exams, didn’t get a university exemption, and would like to rewrite a few subjects to change the status of their Senior Certificate.

This is the perfect opportunity to give yourself a second chance, to better your results, and advance your career. If you didn’t do well in matric but have a desire to continue your tertiary education, this is your chance.

Before you apply for a Matric Upgrade, remember that university exemptions won’t necessarily guarantee you an acceptance letter. If you want to give yourself a competitive edge, make sure you know the entry requirements for the field you’re interested in and do well in the exams.

What are the requirements?

Before you apply for a Matric Upgrade, make sure you’ve read and understood the requirements. There’s a specific age requirement you have to meet, and you need to comply with the subject requirements.

Age requirements

Ideally, adult learners who are over the age of 21 years old may apply for matric rewrites. This is the standard requirement. However, if you’re turning 21 years within the year you’ve registered, you also qualify to upgrade your matric results.

Subject and matric promotion requirements 

To get your matric certificate, you have to register for a minimum of five subjects of which you need to pass five. As previously mentioned, you may only select subjects that don’t require in-school practical assessments. Adult students who want to receive their matric certificate need to meet the following requirements.

  • You need 40% for three subjects, one being an official language taken at Home Language Level
  • You need 30% for two subjects, one being an official language taken at First Additional or Home Language Level
  • You need to obtain a minimum of 20% in your sixth subject.

Author: Cherri-Lee Rhode 

Last Updated: September 11, 2019