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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]A cloth face mask is now essential wearing in South Africa.  You simply can’t leave the house without one…..  No – seriously. You can’t.  It is now compulsory to wear one if you want to leave the house for any reason under the new Covid-19 lock down regulations.


All our staff at Matric College are being encouraged to stock up on cloth masks, and will be supplied with additional plastic masks for use around the office.


Why do we need to wear a face mask?

The fact is cloth face masks are helping to prevent the spread of coronavirus.  Which is interesting, as the mask on its own is not a 100% barrier to the virus.  Covid-19 is so small that it can travel through three layers of fabric.


So why wear the mask?


Cloth face mask
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Simply put – when you use the mask in conjunction with the other measures that are in place it vastly reduces the spread of the coronavirus. 


What makes Coronavirus so scary is that very often the carrier (the person that has the virus) has absolutely no symptoms.  So they don’t know to be extra careful so they don’t spread it.


This means we should ALL act as if we have it, and take precautions as if we are trying to ensure our eldery at risk granny might get it if we don’t.  (Because it’s SOMEONES elderly at risk granny that is at risk if you don’t).


What measures should I take while wearing a cloth face mask?


Most of these measures are simple to understand and follow.


  1. Don’t touch your face when out in public
  2. Wash your hands/ sanitise with 70% alcohol sanitiser
  3. Stay 6 feet away from anyone else. 


Though if you have been out in public and tried to NOT touch your face you understand just how hard that instruction is to follow!


Don’t worry – it does get easier as you learn to be aware of it.  And if you MUST scratch, make sure you sanitise or wash your hands first.


What will happen to me if I don’t wear a face mask?


First and foremost you might be putting that poor dear gogo at risk!


Additionally in South Africa from 1 May you probably will not be allowed into the store or essential service offices.  All essential services that are open MUST abide by the lockdown regulations, or risk being closed.  Or fined.


So you won’t be able to buy groceries.  Or visit the doctor.  Or get your child vaccinated….


You could also be arrested.  Or fined.


Best you rather just wear a mask!


What mask should I buy?


DON’T buy a surgical mask of N95 mask.  These need to be kept for the exclusive use of our medical personnel.  


Cyril specifically asked us to wear cloth face masks.  


Please help our guys on the front line by sticking to this directive!


Make sure your cloth face mask follows the following guidelines:


  • Make sure your mask fits securely
  • If it goes around the ears check it is not too loose, or too tight.  Your ears will hurt terribly if you wear one that is too tight.  And too loose – well then it is not secure, is it?
  • It must completely cover your nose and mouth
  • It should be 3 layers, or have slits on the sides so you can insert your own filter


Where can I buy a face mask?


We have the perfect solution for you!  Introducing Shield Face Mask.  Our partner in education Together We Pass has launched a unit selling face masks.  


And their masks are awesome!


  1. Adult masks 
  2. Kids masks
  3. Shwe shwe masks
  4. Bulk orders


Written by:  Tabitha Bailey

Last updated:  April 30, 2020[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

Published: November 18, 2020


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