Can I Study Business Management Without Matric?

Can I Study Business Management Without Matric?

With a certificate in business management, you’ll be able to jumpstart your career without ever having a matric certificate. 

And, there are always ways to work towards a matric certificate, no matter your age!

Having a matric certificate isn’t the only way to advance your career. Many institutions strive to offer qualifications for individuals who never completed grade 12. 

Business management is one of these qualifications.

What is Business Management

To run a business you need to understand how a business works. Business management prepares you to run, grow, manage and start a business. Every business needs the guidance of a qualified business manager.

What are the requirements?

Even though you don’t need matric, there are still some requirements: 

You must be 16: Colleges will not accept an applicant that is younger than 16. Any age over 16 is accepted. 
You passed grade 11: In order for you to apply for business management you need your grade 11 certificate or higher. 
You’re good at English: The course will be taught in English. To be accepted you must be able to read, write and speak English well.

Career opportunities

Every business needs a business manager. This will increase your chances of finding employment. 

As of February 2020, business and management was a skill in high demand. BusinessTech Supplied a graph to show the demand in various employment sectors.

Career Options

By studying business management, you open many doors for yourself. You are not only able to go into one field of work but rather you have multiple options. Because these courses acquaint you with many subjects, these are some of the careers you can go into. 

Office Management: You’ll be expected to offer administrative support as well as an overview of office business. 
Business Advisor: You’ll work to analyse the company to see where it can grow or improve. 
Junior Bookkeeper: This means keeping track and compiling all business financial transactions. 
Marketing Assistant: Supporting the planning of marketing strategies for the company and their social media platforms.

ICB Courses

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers certifies all the colleges and courses we shall link below. With courses that include many subjects and learning areas, the ICB accredited certificates open many doors. 

Due to their national recognition, you can work anywhere in South Africa. This also means that employers know your qualification is strong and reliable. 

Where Can I Study?

The Colleges below offer opportunities for individuals without a matric certificate. Both institutes offer long-distance learning which is perfect for working professionals. 

Matric College

Matric College offers three business management courses. Each lasting between 12 to 36 months. 

This college also offers great support to all learners. They are dedicated to helping their students until they pass. 

Have a look at their business management courses here.

The Skills Academy

The Skills Academy also offers ICB accredited courses. They offer quality student support and a cash-back plan if you finish your qualification early. 

Have a look at all the business management courses they have to offer here

Ember Academy

Ember academy ensures that all of your study needs are met as a student. This long distance institute allows you to work from the comfort of your home. 

Also an ICB accredited institution, have a look at their business management courses here.

Can I still complete my matric?

Even if you didn’t get the chance to complete your matric, you still can. Matric College aims to help students to achieve their final matric certificate.


To get your final matric certificate these are the specified requirements. 

  • You must be over 21: Any student that is below the age of 21 will not be accepted. 
  • You must have a grade 9 certificate: To finish your matric you are required to have passed grade 9. If you have, you can apply to get your matric certificate 


Matric College offers adult matric and matric upgrades here. It is never too late to complete your schooling. This certificate will also help you to one day apply to university for an NQF level 6 qualification.


If you want to apply for your matric certificate, click here. With enough work and dedication, you will have your matric certificate in no time.

Author: Andrea Frisby 

Date Published: 19 August 2020