Can I Do My Matric In Three Months?

You can study for your Matric at anytime and age. Distance learning affords you the opportunity to study at your own pace and in your own time. Go for it now.

Matric is a course that is studied over three years. You write six subjects, and you will need to pass at least five. A number of factors come into play to determine how long it will take you to complete your Matric. One of the factors is how fast you can grasp the concepts in your subjects. 

For example, of the six subjects, some learners take three subjects in the first year of study and the other three in the next year of study. This means that they would have taken two years to complete the six subjects. This can give you an idea of the average duration of Matric.

How Can I Get My Matric Fast In South Africa?

Follow these simple steps to get your Matric fast in South Africa:

  • Contact our course expert. Our course experts will, depending on the information that you will have given them, advise you on the course subjects that you need to take.
  • Within 5 – 7 days of your registration, you will receive your study notes and textbooks
  • Complete your first assignment and hand it in on time and more thereafter
  • Discuss with your tutor areas that you are having difficulties
  • Ask your tutor questions
  • Keep focused on your studies
  • Go over past exam papers which we give you access to
  • Get exam tips from Matric College
  • Write and pass your exams

Can I Write My Matric At Home?

No, you can not write your Matric at home, but you can study for your Matric at home. Here are the advantages of studying for your Matric at home. 

  • Flexibility
  • Cut costs
  • No classes
  • COVID-19 safe
  • Work at the same time


There is flexibility in distance learning. You study at home or anywhere else that you may see fit. You can study at times that are convenient to you. Matric College can assist you in coming up with a workable study timetable.

Cut Costs

With distance learning, you can cut on travel and associated costs such as teas and lunches. Distance learning tuition fees are also competitive. You do not have to buy textbooks as Matric College will provide you with textbooks and study notes.

No Classes

There are no classes when you are studying through distance learning. Distance learning is a form of online learning. Here are some of the online that we use when you study through distance learning:

  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Tutor contact form
  • Website

Covid-19 Safe

With distance learning, you are safe from COVID-19. This is because you study at home. There is no travelling and mingling with other students in class.

Subjects Offered By Matric College

Here are the subjects that you can choose to study at Matric College:

  • English Home Language
  • English First Additional Language
  • Afrikaans Huistaal
  • Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal
  • isiZulu Home Language
  • isiXhosa Home Language
  • isiNdebele Home Language
  • Sepedi Home Language
  • Xitsonga Home Language
  • Tshivenda Home Language
  • Sesotho Home Language
  • Siswati Home Language
  • Setswana Home Language
  • Mathematics/ Wiskunde
  • Mathematical Literacy

Optional Subjects

  • Physical Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • History
  • Geography
  • Religious Studies

How Can I Get My Matric Certificate Without Going To School?

You can get your Matric by studying through distance learning if you do not want to go to school. You can register for our Adult Matric Programme. Here are the requirements:

Can I Buy My Matric Certificate?

No, you can not buy a Matric Certificate. Besides being illegal to buy a Matric Certificate, that Certificate will be a fake one and can land you in trouble. The only authorised entity that can issue a Matric Certificate is Umalusi.

Can I Write Matric Without An ID?

Yes, you can write your Matric without an ID, instead, you can use your passport. Non-South Africans can use their passports to write Matric.

Can I Rewrite My Matric After 10 Years?

Yes, you can rewrite your Matric after 10 years. If you wrote your Matric before 2008, and you rewrite your Matric, you will gain a Senior Certificate (Amended). A Senior Certificate is equivalent to a National Senior Certificate. They are all issued by Umalusi.

What Happens If I Fail Matric?

Here is what you can do if you fail your Matric:

Upgrade Your Matric

You can upgrade your Matric at Matric College when you fail your Matric. Here are the requirements:

  • You must have an incomplete Matric or 
  • You must have failed your Matric
  • Be able to study through distance learning

Study Matric Equivalent Qualifications

If you have failed Matric, you study Matric Equivalent Qualification. Matric Equivalent Qualifications are qualifications that are on the same National Qualifications Framework (NQF) as Matric. Matric is at NQF level 4. Here are the qualifications that are equivalent to Matric:

Here is the requirement for Matric Equivalent Qualifications:

  • You must prove that you have passed and completed Grade 11
  • Be 16 years or older
  • Be able to study through distance learning
  • Be able to read write and understand English

Study A Short Course

Which College Can I Go To Without Matric?

You will find a course that suits you if you come to Matric College. Our course experts will talk to you with regard to your ambition and career choice. They will advise you on the right path to take.

Author: Collin Wilbesi
Editor: Amy Venter
Date Published: March 4, 2022