Can I change subjects in matric?

Can I change subjects in matric?

Date Published: November 19, 2020

Yes, you can! 

However, there are conditions, you may only change one subject in grade 12 and you can only change a subject if the school thinks it is in your best interest. 

Can I change my high school subjects?

How many subjects can I change?

In grade 10 and 11, learners are allowed to change two subjects. The latest date to apply for a subject change is the 31st of July.

Grade 12 learners may only request to change one subject. The school can only take this decision after consulting with the Department of Basic Education. The latest date for grade 12 learners to apply for a subject change is the 30th of January. 

What must I do to change my subjects?

Here is what you need to submit to get approval to change your subject

  • A letter of motivation from a parent or your guardian.
  • A letter from your Principal either supporting, or providing reasons for not supporting your request to change a subject.
  • A letter from the subject teacher explaining the programme to be followed to help the learner to cover all the aspects of the curriculum statement for the previous grades that were missed.

Three things to consider before changing your matric subjects

  1. Think about the career path you want to follow. Make sure your subject choices are in line with your desired career path.
  2. The later you leave it, the harder it will be to catch up.  If you want to change a subject, do not postpone it for later as it might be harder to catch up later on.
  3. When you study what you love, you will perform better. Doing what you love motivates you to give your all and to perform well.

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Author: Omega Fumba