Business Management Without Matric

Business Management Without Matric

Business Management Without Matric
  • To study NATED Business Management, you only need a matric equivalent certificate. That means you do not have to have finished high school to further your studies. 
  • NATED qualifications are highly regarded by employers because they give students practical experience. 
  • Many reputable colleges in South Africa offer NATED qualifications. 

You can study NATED Business Management without a matric certificate. All you need is a matric equivalent certificate to get started. Since Business Management is a scarce skill, you can expect job security and a respectable salary.

What is Business Management?

Business Management teaches you how to start, grow and manage a business. The responsibility of a business manager include:

  • Assess the needs and wants in your current community to find growth opportunities for your business. 
  • Create goals and objectives for your business, including SWOT analysis.
  • Scout new potential employees. 
  • Create a training programme for all new employees. 
  • Create employee evaluation methods to keep track of employee performance and how it benefits your business. 
  • Ensure that your business has enough resources to run efficiently. 
  • Track company/business performance. 
  • Keep track of each department

What Careers Can I Have With A Business Management Qualification?

With a Business Management qualification, you can go down many different career paths. These include careers in:

  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Business Advisor 
  • Office Administration 
  • Bookkeeping 
  • Hospitality Management 
  • Marketing Management 
  • Supply Chain Management 
  • Sales 
  • CEO 

NATED Business Management Courses

National Accredited Technical Education Diploma Courses are called NATED courses for short. Each course is specifically designed by the Department of Education to include both the practical and theoretical elements of the subject matter. This is to ensure that all students are workplace ready when they finish their certification. 

NATED courses are both highly accredited and well-received by employers. That means that with a NATED qualification you might be more likely to find employment. 

The NATED Business Management Courses include:

N6 National Certificate in Business Management

How To Apply For NATED Business Management

You do not need a matric certificate to apply to a NATED Business Management course. Instead, you can have a matric equivalent course.

These two are matric equivalent courses that meet all the requirements for NATED Business Management: 

Where Can I Study NATED Business Management?

If you are looking to study a NATED Business Management course, all of the following colleges offer these courses:

Author: Andrea Frisby 

Published: March 9, 2021


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