99% of students that start school will not get a degree

Date Published: September 14, 2020

99% of students that start school will not get a degree

South Africa has a very strained educational system. Of all students that start school, only about half will write their matric exams. 

Of those who pass, a few will go on to study further. With only 1% actually getting a degree.

School Dropout Rates

The schooling system in South Africa is struggling to say the least. A study of numeracy and literacy rates has revealed that by grade 9, our education system has already failed many students. 

The average grade 9 has a literacy rate of 48% and a numeracy rate of 11%. Read more about these low figures.

With these figures and all the difficulty faced by students, it’s no wonder that the school dropout rates in South Africa are so high. 

University Dropout Rates

Of all students that go on to start university, around 40% can be expected to drop out in their first year. 

Only 15% of students who do continue will finish their degree in the provisional amount of time. 

The university dropout rates are caused by a different conundrum. Here, 70% of all students that dropout come from low income families. This means that most dropouts simply cannot afford to continue their education. Hence the fees must fall movement.

This is yet another reminder that a simple university admission does not mean you will get a degree.

The alternatives to a university degree

There are other options when thinking to further your education. TVET colleges are a good alternative to mainstream universities and have courses that can be started on a grade 9 certificate alone. 

South Africa is also equipped with a great private sector in education. These private colleges include Matric College, The Skills Academy, Ember Academy, The Bellview institute of distance learning, Boston College and more.

Improving your education

Education can only make your chances of employment higher. That also includes your earning potential. Individuals with a matric certificate can expect to earn double than those without one. Individuals with a certificate or diploma can earn double that of those with matric certificates. 

Stopping your education at a grade 10 level leaves you with only a 52% chance of getting employed. By getting your matric certificate, your chances of employment are stretched to 67%. One year of studies after matric gives you an 86% chance of employment. 

Education matters. You must try your very best to stay in school or further your education. 

Any educational improvement is good

Having a degree isn’t the only way to get a job. With 99% of students not reaching a degree level, it’s unsustainable. 

Instead, other avenues must also be encouraged. These include achieving a matric certificate or studying a year long course after school. Even joining a trade after grade 10. 

There are ways to ensure that you find employment that aren’t university degrees

This article was originally written on the 29th of October 2016.  Read the original article.

Author: Jan Badenhorst, CEO, Matric College
Last Updated: Sanel Van Staden,  7 July  2021

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