3 Ways To Make The Best Of Your Matric Year

3 Ways To Make The Best Of Your Matric Year
  • You can make the best of your matric year by finding the right study method.
  • You need to find the balance between your grades and your social life by planning ahead.
  • Plan for your future by deciding what you want to study next year. You could take a quiz below to help you decide.

Making the best of your matric year includes achieving your academic goals, as well as enjoying the last year of school. You can do both by using the right study method and organising your time schedule.

Here are the three aspects of your year you should try to improve:

  1. Matric study tips.
  2. Balance your grades and friends.
  3. Think about your future.

Matric Study Tips

Passing matric is an achievement that every student wants to reach. It can be challenging at times, but it is doable if you stay on track with the work and keep your focus. 

Here are a few study tips to help you:

Everyone studies differently. It is important that you find the right study method that fits your needs, personality and abilities.

Study Methods

Here are a few study methods you could look into:

  • The Three Senses Method: Memorising work can be difficult. Only reading a sentence might not be enough. If you read it out loud you see, speak and hear the words. Using these three senses will make the work easier to remember. 
  • The Keyword Method: Making keycards will simplify a complicated part of your work. Look for words in your textbook that are important terms of which you need to know the definition of. Write the term on a small piece of paper and the definition or explanation on the back of the paper.
  • The Mind Map Method: If you are someone who likes pictures and simplified depictions of words, mind mapping will benefit you a lot. Mind maps are perfect for connecting different parts of the work.
  • The Notes Method: If you are more of a word-driven person, making notes is the study method for you. This way you can reword the textbook so that it is more understandable to you.

Creative Studying

Studying can be tiring, and even boring. Therefore, you should make it exciting by using creative ways to make your studying enjoyable to you.

Have a look at the following ways that you can creatively make studying exciting:

  • A pleasant environment: It can be good to change your study place every now and then. Go read your prescribed book under a tree in the garden or in a park.
  • Reward yourself: After every chapter, do something you enjoy, eat something you love, so that you have things to look forward to.
  • Write a rhyme: If there are words or lists you cannot remember, make a little rhyme to help you memorise it.
  • Study together: You and your friends can study together on weekends and even create games that involve your study work.

Balance Your Grades And Friends

It is important to have the right balance between your academic and social life. Seeing that your matric year is very crucial for your future career, more often than not you will have to prioritise your studies above your social life.

The best way to create a perfect balance is to plan ahead. When you create your study schedule, make sure to include time for friends. 

Another great way to spend more time with your friends without losing valuable study time, is to create study groups. This way you and your friends can help each other with the difficult work while staying social.

Think About Your Future

Matric is also a year full of important life decisions. You need to decide what you want to do next year, or what you are going to study.

If you are not sure if you should further your education after school, here are a few reasons why it is a good idea:

  • Increased chance of getting a job: Obtaining a qualification will increase your credibility and may ensure job security.
  • More job possibilities: After completing a course you will have more job opportunities to choose from.
  • Better communication skills: Studying further will improve your writing and speaking skills, which will also increase your chances of getting employed.

You can take the study readiness quiz to help you decide what to study.

Author: Simoné Coetzee

Published: June 8, 2021


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