2019 mid-year exam results

2019 mid-year exam results

The 2019 mid-year exams written by National Senior Certificate and Senior Certificate students were the first grade 12 reconfigured exams. Initially, NSC supplementary exams took place in February/March every year.

In 2019, the NSC exams were merged with the June SC exams. Even though NSC  and SC students wrote their exams in the same venue, their exam papers were still marked separately.

The spokesperson for the Department of Basic Education, Elijah Mhlanga, stated in an interview that students writing supplementary exams needed more time to prepare. 

“You receive your results in January and you write in February. Which means the circumstances that led to you failing are the same” – Says Elijah

The time frame to study for supplementary exams was too short. The time frame resulted in fewer students registering to write. Out of those who registered, a smaller amount of students showed up to write the exam. The Department has also opened up the amount of subjects learners can write. Initially, supplementary exams only allow students to write 2 exams.

In 2019, learners were able to rewrite as many exams as they wanted to. The changed exam system is beneficial for students, as well as the DBE. The DBE gets to  save money while learners have more time to study.

The students who wrote the exams include; Students who did not attend the 2018 examination. Students who chose the multiple examination opportunity (MEO). MEO students had remaining subjects to complete.

Supplementary exam students, Part-time and repeating students from 2018 NSC exams, as well as adult matric students.

100 825 students wrote the SC exams. These students wrote 1, 2 or more exams. 6952 students wrote all subjects to enable them to get a Senior Certificate qualification. Exam marking was checked and authorised by Umalusi. 9723 qualified educators were chosen to mark the exams.

Students who were unhappy with their results could apply for a remark or recheck. Remarking costs R105 per paper. Students can apply for a remark at school or at the education district office. Students can also pay an extra R205 to view their exam papers after the remark. Higher education institutions such as Matric College offer Learners the chance to rewrite or improve their results. 

See the two figures below for more detailed NSC and SC results:

The DBE continues to encourage matric learners who failed to rewrite their matric. Learners can get more information on Amended Senior Certificate exams on the DBE website.

Learners can also visit a district education office to register in person.

The Department of Education provides free learning material to help learners study. The Department plans on improving support in the second chance programme. This will ensure that learners are successful in their exams.

Author: Omega Fumba 

Date Published: 3 August 2020