Partner colleges

This page will show you that your matric certificate can take you places. Take a look at the different colleges below to see where you can enrol to start investing time in your future! The institutes below offer students courses in many different fields. has the following partner colleges where you can enrol with your matric certificate. You will also note that the colleges often offer courses where you don’t need a matric certificate. So, regardless of your reason for studying, whether to further your education after matric, obtain matric, or study without a matric certificate, you will find a college that suits your needs below.




College SA is one of South Africa’s largest providers of distance learning. This college offers students a wide variety of courses, many of which are accredited with renowned international bodies. This college focuses a lot of its resources on student support, as it strives to make the student’s learning experience as positive as possible. This college also offers students a “payment holiday” in times when they don’t have the time to study or resources to pay for their studies. This means that students’ accounts are suspended and that students can simply continue when they are able to without having to pay penalty fees or start their courses again. This college is also the only college in South Africa that offer crime and investigation studies as a distance learning option and one of the only colleges that offer Draughting Studies as a distance learning option.

Below are the contact details for College SA:

Cape Town office:

Toll free number: 0800 21 23 22
From outside SA: +27 12 323 3001
E-mail address:
Fax number: 086 520 5080

Pretoria registration office:

Toll free number: 0800 21 23 22
From outside SA: +27 12 323 3001
E-mail address:
Fax number: 086 513 2713

If you want some more information on College SA, its courses or payment structure, please visit the website:


The Learning Group is a distance learning college that focuses on creative, business, sport and computer studies. This institute deals with its students mostly through the internet, which is an advantage in the technological age that we live in, as you can simply email your enquiry, and you will be answered in due course without having to hold the line for half an hour. The college also aims to produce students who are employable as soon as they graduate.

Below you will find the contact details for The Learning Group:

Durban registration office:

Toll free number: 0801 12 12 12
From outside SA: +27 31 201 4827
Fax number: 086 528 5656
E-mail address:

Cape Town office:

Toll free number: 0801 12 12 12
From outside SA:    +27 21 801 0934
E-mail address:
Fax number: 086 520 5080

Learn more about The Learning Group by visiting its website at:


The Décor School is a Learning Group affiliate that focuses exclusively on interior design and décor. The courses offered by this college are based on the American principles for interior design and decorating but has been reworked specifically for the South African market by acclaimed interior decorator Brenda Horner. If you are a creative person who finds design, décor, and architecture interesting, this would be a good college to enrol at, as the courses deal with elements such as textile, light, texture, color, and teaches students to draw their own designs for different spaces.

If you want to learn more about the college, visit the Décor School at

Gauteng registration office:

Toll free number: 0800 21 23 22
Calling from outside SA: + 27 12 323 5173
E-mail address:
Fax number: 086 520 5080

Cape Town office:

Toll free number: 0800 21 23 22 (to register)
Calling from outside SA: + 27 21 914 5583
E-mail address:
Fax number: 086 528 5656


The Skills Academy is a college that caters for people from all spheres of society and people from varying education levels. This is a distance learning college that doesn’t require students to have a matric certificate, so anyone who wants to learn a skill to get a job or want to learn something new for their current job can enrol for a course at this college. Most of its courses are short and practice orientated and students will complete them by submitting a number of assignments without having to write exams. Because these courses are short and allow anyone who has grade 10 and can communicate in English to study, most of them aren’t accredited with professional bodies. However, it is perfect for people who don’t have the time, money, or qualifications to enrol at a college where certificate and diploma courses span at least one year.

Below are the contact details for The Skills Academy:

Pretoria registration office:


Toll free number:    0800 040 040
From outside SA:    +27823499640
E-mail address:
Physical address:    Skills Academy
698A Steve Biko Street
(Previously Voortrekker Road)
Pretoria, Gauteng


If you would like to learn more about The Skills Academy, visit their website at




Strategic Investigations and Seminars (SIS) is a full-time, part-time and distance learning college that is based in Gauteng. This college focuses on investigation, policing, and crime investigation studies. This college presents its courses at its premises in Gauteng and has also partnered with College SA to extend its courses as distance learning options to students who cannot attend classes at the premises in Gauteng.

This college has something to offer for all students, even if you are a manager who often has to deal with mediation, negotiation and arbitration. Its courses range from one-day seminars to full diploma studies that span two years.

Below you will find the contact details for SIS:

Gauteng office:

Telephone number: 012 751 0888
From outside SA: +27 12 751 0888
Fax number: 086 684 9119 (enquiries)
E-mail address: (enquiries)

If you are interested in learning more about the courses offered by SIS, please visit their website:


The eta is a full-time, part-time and distance learning college that is the leading proponent of sport and fitness studies in South Africa. This college focuses on training for people who would like to work as personal fitness trainers, sport coaches, sport managers, and marketers of sport and sporting events. This college focuses on hands-on training, which means that students have to do practical work as part of their studies. This ensures that these students find employment easier, as they are often offered jobs by the companies or training facilities where they completed their practical training. If you have an interest in anatomy and physiology, you would also benefit from studying at this college, as graduates will also be able to work in allied health professions, such as biokinetics, dietetics, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy.

If you want to know more about this college, visit its website at:

Below you will find the contact details for eta:

Cape Town campus:

Telephone number: 021 671 1060
From outside SA: +27 21 671 1060
Fax number: 021 671 4813
E-mail address:

Stellenbosch campus:

Telephone number: 021 886 7513
From outside SA:    +27 21 886 7513
Fax number: 021 886 7519
E-mail address:

Durban campus:

Telephone number: 031 701 8921
From outside SA: +27 31 701 8921
Fax number: 031 701 9606
E-mail address:

Bloemfontein campus:

Telephone number: 051 444 0850
From outside SA: +27 51 444 0850
Fax number: 051 444 4520
E-mail address:

Pretoria campus:

Telephone number: 012 665 0475
From outside SA: +27 12 665 0475
Fax number: 012 665 0485
E-mail address:


FAT Training

FAT Training was formed in 2007 to meet the rising need for quality CIMA tuition.  FAT Training now offers part-time classes to students who wish to become qualified as CIMA members.  All FAT Training lecturers are full-time lecturers at the University of Johannesburg.  They are all Associate Chartered Management Accountants (ACMAs) or part-qualified CIMA members.