I don’t have matric. How do I get it?

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Many people leave school before they even get the chance to finish their matric. Then, many years later, you decide that you want to write your matric examination and get you matric certificate.

Adult learners who feel that they are too old to go back to high school have a number of options in obtaining their matric certificates.

Get your matric here

  • The Matriculation Board – This body is an advisory committee that deals with entrance requirements for studies at institutes of higher learning. It provides a very important service to students who don’t have matric and cannot study further in their chosen fields without the certificate. If you want to know more about the Matriculation Board, please visit the website on www.hesa-enrol.ac.za.
  • Umalusi – This is the Council for Quality Assurance in South Africa. This body aims to provide quality adult education centres and to provide quality assurance for the General Education and Training Certificate (GETC) for adults. It also provides accreditation for private education centres. Learn more about Umalusi here: www.umalusi.org.za.
  • Private School – If you have left school recently, the best option would be to return to school for a full year to complete your matric and get your certificate of completion. If you want to enrol at a state school, a good option would be:

Curro private school: Curro provides quality education in small classes which allows for personal attention by teachers. If you want to find out more about Curro schools, visit their website: www.curro.co.za


Where to study when I don’t have matric

You could always enrol for a Further Education and Training (FET) college course. Some FET colleges offer courses that only require you to have a Grade 10 and Basic English. These courses can help you build on your knowledge and skill – giving you a greater chance of getting a good job without a Matric certificate. Some courses (NQF 4 Certificate courses) are equivalent to the Matric NQF 4 certificate. This will add value to your Curriculum Vitae and also boost your chances for employment and/or even promotion.

Here is a list of colleges where you could study these types of courses: