Why is matric important?

matric.co.za-image-006Many school learners unfortunately leave school without a matric certificate. Often, they believe they don’t need matric to make a good living. They may be right, but except in instances where they can start their own business or inherit a lot of money, these people often find that many doors in the corporate and professional career sector remain closed to them.   

Some people just do not like the structure of schooling in a classroom setup and thus leave school. Others just find it difficult to cope with the workload that matric courses heap on them. If you are one of these people, writing your matric exams in a different setting with less stress might be just the thing to get you studying again and get you on the road to a college education.

If you are someone who has already passed matric but want to or need to rewrite a subject in order to be accepted into a course you want to study, you will definitely know the importance of a matric certificate with the right grades and subjects on it.

Most people, who want to further their studies at a college or other learning institution after obtaining their matric certificate, know that you cannot enrol for a full diploma course without a matric certificate. Many colleges offer shorter courses where you only need Grade 10 to enrol for these courses, but they don’t end with a National Diploma. These shorter courses are basically stepping stones to the more advanced courses you can enrol for if you have a matric certificate.

As you can see, passing matric and obtaining a matric certificate is very important. By obtaining a matric certificate you will have so much more opportunities available to you.

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself to determine whether having a matric is important and worth the effort to you.

  • Do I want to complete my school education and pass matric?
  • Do I want to rewrite some of my matric subjects in order to enrol for a college course?
  • Do I want to further my education at a college?
  • Di I want to find a steady job with growth opportunities?
  • Do I want to have a career in which I can be productive for 35 – 40 years?
  • Do I want a job that pays enough so that I can retire comfortably?
  • Do I want a job that allows me to care for my family in the best way possible?


If you answered yes to most of these questions, education is important to you and your future. Finish your matric successfully so that you can build a great future for yourself.