Where can I further my studies if I don’t have matric?


Don’t stress out if you don’t have a Matric certificate. There are numerous Further Education and Training (FET) colleges that offer courses that don’t require you to have a Matric certificate to study the course. These FET colleges have courses ranging from 3-6 months up 24 month in length. If you do not have Matric and want to further your studies, look for courses that recognise prior learning.

For example, if you are older than 23 years, some of these courses will recognise that you have already gained some experience in the workplace and allow you to register.

Further your studies without a matric

You could also study courses that only require Grade 10 and Basic English as entrance criteria. You do not necessarily need a Matric to further your studies. You can still further your studies to:

  • Find a full-time job that promises growth opportunities i.e. promotions.
  • Pursue a career in a field that you really want to.
  • Pursue a career that provides steady living environments for you and your family.

Not having a Matric certificate shouldn’t hold you back. There are endless opportunities. Here is a short list of FET Colleges where you can further your studies through distance learning.

Distance Learning allows you to

  • Study from anywhere in South Africa
  • Study in the comfort of your own home
  • Work while you study
  • Save money