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So you didn’t pass matric – now what?

Whether you didn’t work hard enough or there were circumstances which prohibited you from making it to school every day or studying, you didn’t pass your matric year. You might be under pressure from your parents or the people around you to pull up your socks and make something of your life, or perhaps you have decided that yourself and now you need to decide what to do.

There are many options out there for people who have failed matric or dropped out of school before matric. There are a few tertiary institutions that offer high school courses so that you may receive your matric certificate. Click here to few some of these institutions. 

You can get your matric certificate or you can get a certificate which is the equivalent of the matric certificate but is more specified towards the career that you want to follow. This would allow you to study further if you wanted to or to get a job in the field you are interested, especially if you chose to get a certificate in a more specific area than the matric certificate.

If you have failed matric or didn’t pass with a bachelor’s certificate pass, you can still better your marks by doing a bridging course at an institution. Whether you want to redo your whole matric year or only specific subjects, like mathematics and physical sciences, you can do it through a bridging course.

So as you can see, hope is not lost if you have failed matric. There are so many options out there and you can get your certificate if you really set your mind to it and work hard.

You passed matric- where do you go to now

You are ecstatic that you passed matric, but you are not entirely sure where to go to from there. There are many options out there for matriculants. Once again, what you decide to do all depends on what level you passed your matric with.

If you passed with a bachelor’s certificate pass, you can study anywhere you want to. You can apply at a university or a college or go straight into a job. It is all up to what you want and can afford. The one thing to keep in mind when applying to a university is that each university has minimum mark requirements and you must achieve these marks as well to be accepted into a university.

If you passed with a diploma pass, you can go to any college to get a diploma certificate or to a university which offers diplomas. Some universities, like Cape Peninsula University of Technology, offer diploma courses with an optional year to get a degree if you achieved well academically with your diploma certificate.

The Higher Certificate Pass is slightly trickier, you can only study at colleges that offer higher certificate courses. There may be ways to get higher qualifications once you have completed those, but that is circumstantial and you would have to contact an advisor at your college to help you plan to get a higher qualification if that is your goal.

If you want to get straight into doing a degree but you didn’t achieve a Bachelor’s Certificate Pass then you can do a bridging course through public or private school, as well as tertiary institutions. This will allow you to improve your marks and will replace the marks you were not happy with.

Other options are going straight to work or doing a gap year if you are indecisive about your future. A gap can be a great experience and learning curve if you choose to do it, the down sides of a gap year is the expense. If you go straight into a job, you can still figure out what you do and don’t like and what would be a good choice for your future from practical experience as a result of working.

If you are interested in studying further, take a look at our courses and colleges page to take a look into your options.