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Failed Matric, what are my options?

Not having a Matric and trying to find employment without a certificate can be stressful. You might have failed matric or never completed matric. Maybe you got a Matric with the wrong subjects or had the right subjects but your marks weren’t good enough. Perhaps you left school before you even got to Matric. Did you know only half of all pupils who started their school education end up sitting in a Matric class? The other half all drops out of school somewhere along the line or leave for personal reasons.

If you don’t have Matric because you never got around to writing your exams, or if you wrote your exams and didn’t pass,you are probably wondering about the future of your studies. Well even if you failed matric there are still options for you. Just because you don’t have Matric doesn’t mean you can’t continue your studies and become qualified.

failed matric

What are my options?

You will find numerous further education and training (FET) colleges that offer courses that don’t require you to have a Matric certificate to gain entrance to the courses. These colleges have designed courses ranging in length from 3-6 months up to 24 months. If you don’t have Matric, and you still want to study, look out for courses that recognise prior learning. For example, if you are older than 23 years, some of these courses will recognise that you have gained experience in the workplace and allow you to register.

Alternatively, look out for courses that only require grade 10 as an entrance requirement.
Even if you failed Matric, you can still further your studies to:

  • Find a full-time job that allows for growth opportunities, i.e. promotion.
  • Pursue a career in many different fields.
  • Provide a steady home for your family.

There are endless opportunities, even without a Matric certificate. Don’t let it hold you back! Here are only a few of the FET colleges you can enrol at for a course without having a Matric certificate.