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We want to ensure that you make careful informed decisions about your education. That is why we have a selection of articles related to all your different concerns, queries and other information we think will be useful to you.


So you don’t have Matric, whether this is due to failing, or never writing the exams, or maybe just some really unfortunate circumstances doesn’t matter. You can still become qualified and successful.

Now that you have passed Matric, that means you have to make some decisions about the future of your career and the future of your education. Hopefully we can help.

Getting a job, is rarely easy, that is why we have compiled a list of 10 great tips that will help you not only find the job you want, but also increase your chance of becoming employed.

The average South African has an unjustified, obsession when it comes to finishing Matric. Why is it that Matric witch neither prepares, nor qualifies you for any job, has driven so many South Africans to obsession.

If you have failed Matric, or never wrote it, there are still options available if you still want your Matric. So if you feel like you need the Matric, don’t give up.

There are many people just like you who feel like they deserve promotions yet don’t get them. Yet there can be reasons, Jan Badenhorst a local expert on the the local job market as well as Matric has an article on News24 that explains exactly why you could be missing out on a promotion..