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No matter what your circumstances, you have the opportunity to succeed. The only limitations that you have are the ones you accept.

I want to study but don’t have Matric?

There are still options if you do not have Matric. Including Colleges that have courses you won’t need matric, for that you can do part time while you still work. These colleges are focussed on ensuring that everything has access to a good education.

I failed Matric, what do i do?

Even if you failed matric, it is not the end of the world, you still have a wide variety of options, that you can consider. You may have been told that if you don’t pass matric there is no future and no place you can go study. Well the people that told you those things are wrong. You can still be successful!

I need advice for my studies.

We have a wide variety of advice for those who are looking to start their studies, in 2016, 2017 and beyond.

Help! No Matric!

If you do not have Matric, you don’t have to worry. There is always an option. Wether you want to study further or get a Matric equivalent, there will always be a chance to get what you want. Luckily we know exactly where you can find your chance, Skills Academy. Skills Academy has a wide, range of advice and solutions for all your Matric problems. Wether it is a studying related or a work related problem Skills Academy can help you. Wether you just failed, or are 40 and never got a matric, Skills Academy can help you find the solution.

Matric Exams 2016

Everything you need to know for the matric exams, can be right here including:

  • Exam Tips
  • Matric Exam Rewrites
  • Matric 2016 Exam Dates
  • Matric Past Papers
  • What You Need To Pass Matric